There was this glowing story in Infoworld this morning about Bill Gates making nice with some IBM luminary to talk up the glorious future of Web Services; the lead para closed with a resounding phrase about “Key Web services standards and the resulting applications.” I was going to write a cynical note here about the yawning gulf between standards (particularly in Web services) and applications, then I got busy and lost that browser window. But, a bit of luck, and the magic of newsfeed technology, allow me to bring you the low-down, check it out.

Edited newsfeed about standards and applications

It seems like I’m not the only cynic, someone at Infoworld noticed the embarrassingly high WSA/WSA ratio (that’s Web Services Acronyms over Web Services Applications) and cleaned up a bit.

Am I perhaps having a little too much fun with this NetNewsWire difference mode? If so, before the fun is over I owe a tip of the hat to Aaron Swartz for the htmldiff library that makes it work.

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September 18, 2003
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