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Apple Store XML Shutdown · Ste­fano Maz­zoc­chi re­ports that those Ap­ple Mu­sic store URIs which used to yield XML no longer do so, ap­par­ent­ly it's all en­crypt­ed. I tried and he's right. A quick look at a cou­ple of the is­sues ...
Logging On to Cluelessness · I'm on the road (in Flori­da bad-dialup hell too) and was watch­ing the bas­ket­ball game in the ho­tel room, amused by the con­tin­u­al ex­hor­ta­tions of the an­nounc­ers to “Log on to nba.com” for one thing or an­oth­er. You hear this us­age all the time in com­mer­cials and pro­mo­tion­s, but al­most nev­er among peo­ple who ac­tu­al­ly use the We­b. I “visit” or “hit” or “look at” web­sites, I don't “log on” to them. But maybe I'm not giv­ing them enough cred­it for sub­tle­ty ...
Technorati Lessons, Take Two · A cou­ple of days back I wrote about the new Tech­no­rati API, con­sid­er­ing the trade-offs of var­i­ous kinds of Web APIs. It turns out I was se­ri­ous­ly wrong on one of those points, and what falls out is im­por­tant enough for a new es­saylet ...
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