Stefano Mazzocchi reports that those Apple Music store URIs which used to yield XML no longer do so, apparently it's all encrypted. I tried and he's right. A quick look at a couple of the issues.

This closes down a bunch of might-have-been opportunities and is sad. I suppose it's driven by all the news stories swirling around about people cooking up file-sharing schemes around iTunes, which has to throw a pretty severe case of fear into Apple, I can hear the measured tread of the incoming lawyers from here in Florida.

It is, however, a little irritating that this happened silently, it's poor public relations on Apple's part. I think we're willing to cut them some slack, nobody's ever tried to do this before and it's obviously going to take a while to shake the bugs out. But they should let us know what's going on.

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May 14, 2003
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