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Good Morning, Baghdad · I was work­ing away with the MSNBC Bagh­dad Cam parked in a cor­ner of the screen (they've im­proved it, it stays synced ro­bust­ly up but on­ly lets you watch for 20 min­utes with­out restart­ing, which seems fair). Bagh­dad by night, when bomb­ing isn't go­ing on, is pret­ty qui­et, oc­ca­sion­al car drive-by and horn-honk sound­s. Then at 5 PM Paci­fic, the morn­ing birds start­ed singing, and at 5:40, the pre-dawn call to prayer. This is mov­ing stuff in wartime, check it out ...
The Peace Movement's Worst Nightmare · 
In the town of Safwan, Iraqi civil­ians ea­ger­ly greet­ed the 1st Marine Divi­sion.
One lit­tle boy, who had choco­late melt­ed all over his face af­ter a sol­dier gave him some treats from his ra­tion kit, kept point­ing at the sky, say­ing “Ameriki, Ameriki.”

This is the “peace” movement's worst night­mare, isn't it? (post­ed at 02:50 PM by Glenn Reynold­s)
No, the peace movement's worst night­mare is that the Unit­ed States ex­trap­o­lates from Iraq and de­cides that uni­lat­er­al ag­gres­sion is an easy, re­ward­ing and fun way to solve the world's prob­lem­s
Webthoughts in Wartime · I'm sit­ting at home in a daze in­duced by the worst cold of my life - the few op­er­at­ing brain cells most­ly sucked up in aim­less Web me­an­der­ing try­ing to un­der­stand the War and the world bet­ter, but most­ly I'm learn­ing things things about the Web in­stead. To a ghost­ly sound­track of Bagh­dad night sounds (cars and their horns most­ly) from the tee­ny MSNBC Bagh­dad Cam in the screen's cor­ner, I won­der if Ya­hoo is dead, and maybe pub­lish­ing too, and what it is we're mak­ing up here as we go along? ...
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