In the town of Safwan, Iraqi civilians eagerly greeted the 1st Marine Division.
One little boy, who had chocolate melted all over his face after a soldier gave him some treats from his ration kit, kept pointing at the sky, saying “Ameriki, Ameriki.”

This is the “peace” movement's worst nightmare, isn't it? (posted at 02:50 PM by Glenn Reynolds)
No, the peace movement's worst nightmare is that the United States extrapolates from Iraq and decides that unilateral aggression is an easy, rewarding and fun way to solve the world's problems.

The peace movement worries that the UN's status as an embodiment of the community of peoples has been shredded by the Executive Branch's fury that they wouldn't sign up for the “You must pretend that Saddam is the world's scariest problem” mantra.

The peace movement worries that there are those in America not smart enough to tell the difference between an isolated autocrat and a popular uprising, and will send in the Marines to deal with both.

The peace movement worries that imperialist visionaries like Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld will start to apply this kind of logic to trade disputes over genetically modified food, softwood lumber, and tax exemptions.

Because nine times out of ten, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, unilateral war is a really crappy solution to most problems. The problem is that like heroin, it's really habit-forming, and like heroin, this first dose seems to be pretty well free.

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