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Fast and Always On · There's a <a href='http://www.nytimes.com/2003/03/17/technology/17BAND.html?8hpib'>story this morning</a> in the New York Times about <a href='http://www.comcast.com/'>Comcast</a>, a big cable company that last year bought AT&T's cable assets, and now finds itself the largest supplier of broadband Internet access, closing in on five million subscribers, and making money at it. There's a lesson in this, and a chance to laugh at clueless telecom executives too! ...
On the Small Small Screen · I was at work during Mr. Bush's address, and managed to get a streaming video feed from MSNBC to stay live (bar one breakdown) during his fifteen minutes - will Web video streaming ever become not-lame? The MSNBC feed was like 240x180 pixels, and as addresses to the nation go, I thought the little window was about the right size. There was one surprise, though, in that the boxing-match analogy broke down ...
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