I was at work during Mr. Bush's address, and managed to get a streaming video feed from MSNBC to stay live (bar one breakdown) during his fifteen minutes - will Web video streaming ever become not-lame? The MSNBC feed was like 240x180 pixels, and as addresses to the nation go, I thought the little window was about the right size. There was one surprise, though, in that the boxing-match analogy broke down.

Before a big boxing match, the ritual is that the boxers trash-talk each other, then they have their fight, then win or lose they make fulsome speeches about what a great guy their opponent is, etc. Along these lines, I kind of thought that the Prez would take the opportunity to reach out to the other side in the UN saying "We've had our differences and we couldn't bridge them but we're still on the same side" or something along those lines. Nope; more trash talk. I guess America really doesn't think it needs friends from here on in.

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March 17, 2003
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