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Johnny Cash - American IV · All the reviewers have been hot on Johnny Cash's apparently-still-in-progress set of "American" recordings, which if a jazz singer did them would be called "standards". So I picked up up #IV in the series at Christmas 2002 and it's got its hooks into me pretty deep ...
Center Dot (·) · Unicode U+00B7 CENTER DOT like so: ·, I was trying to figure out how to render the date and taxonomy hierarchies, and fiddling with various kinds of lame line-drawing tricks (stretched GIFs and so on) when I realized that just about every font in the known universe has this thing and it lines up nicely in rows and columns and looks pretty good ...
Current Camera: Fuji Finepix F401 · I've had a camera almost always since I was a little kid; my Dad was a fine and prolific photographer. Got the first digicam in 1998, a 640x480 Fujifilm, and this F401 in Tokyo in late 2002. I'm not that happy with it ...
Azalea Preview · This picture is here by way of foreshadowing; it's a close-up of the azalea's foliage, which looks pretty nice year around; later in the spring this will become the garden's number-one showpiece, vanishing behind a mass of astounding red brilliance. I've never managed to come close to capturing it with a digicam though; maybe this year ...
The Last-Minute Demo Glitch · It's 7 AM, I'm sitting on my sofa at home reading the news, and one of our guys out on the road IMs me "Can I call? Problem with the demo." The demo is an important one and it's in 45 minutes, this is what life is like when you're a technology vendor ...
How to Publish Pictures Here? · I feel naked when without a camera, and frankly don't care if anyone likes the pictures in here, because I like taking them and looking at them ...
Long Layover at LAX · Every picture tells a story.
YVR Geometry · Was killing time in YVR (Vancouver's airport, regularly selected by travel magazines as the world's best, don't know if I'd go that far but it's OK), getting my shoes shined in fact, and I noticed the graceful geometries hovering under the ceiling ...
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