I feel naked when without a camera, and frankly don't care if anyone likes the pictures in here, because I like taking them and looking at them.

But I'm not clear on the best way to fit them into the pages. Just at the moment, when the program that writes the HTML runs, it looks for a <img src='X' /> and generates something along the lines of

<div class='misc'><a href='X'><img width='300' border='0' src='X' /></a></div>

Kinda ugly, eh? At width 300 I know it'll fit into the center column, the style on misc means that it'll be center-aligned and have space around it. This gets a little weird when the picture is smaller than 300 wide, but actually, I'm OK with it so far.

The real problem is that luckless folks on a slow modem are gonna get hit like a ton of bricks with what they think is a small picture. Still, I like including it full-size just in case anybody wants to steal it.

What I really want is a perl library that will allow me to resize the picture to an appropriate thumbnail, put that in the page and point to the full-size version. This seems to be possible, but only with "ImageMagick", which links to the X11 libraries (ecch) or a Perl-Applescript bridge to GraphicConverter; maybe the way to go, but I've read the source code of the example about 18 times now and it's pretty gnostic

Plus I will start putting some more attributes on the <img> in the source code, when I want to control the presentation a bit more at authoring time.

Work in progress... oh, and here's a picture.


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