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Buddhist Hardware · Bud­dhist Hard­ware I was in Home De­pot, which is an in­tense kind of place. Peo­ple look at the shelves in­tense­ly, they talk to each oth­er in­tense­ly, and they talk to the or­ange aprons re­al­ly in­tense­ly, with di­rect eye con­tac­t ...
Emacs on Mac OS X · Emacs on Mac OS X It turns out that there is a per­fect­ly good ver­sion of GNU Emacs for the Mac OS X. When I first climbed on board OS X, I was fright­ened of down­load­ing and build­ing soft­ware, so I cast about and found a place to grab a bi­na­ry ver­sion. It turns out to be not too bad. I'd put in point­ers for the cen­tral GNU Emacs page and the cur­rent page of the guy who's co-ordinating the OS X work, but the GNU peo­ple are pret­ty slack about their Web pres­ence, and the OS X stuff page cur­rent­ly starts with http://mem­ber­s.shaw.­ca/, so it's prob­a­bly bet­ter to track the right place down with a de­cent search en­gine ...
Terror · Ter­ror is Sym­met­ric One side sends a kid with a bomb in­to a crowd­ed street to blow him­self to Hell with the hope of killing in­no­cents. The oth­er side mor­tars a res­i­dence and kills in­no­cents in the hope of tak­ing out an en­e­my big­wig. Th­ese are per­haps dis­tin­guished in the un­der­ly­ing hope, but that bears no moral weight ...
The Warriors Formed the Outline of a Heart · Warsinger died. Warsinger is the nom-de-guerre of a mid-level play­er in the middlingly-popular MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. Camelot­ers fight fear­some mon­sters that swarm the coun­try­side (and of­ten lose). Camelot is di­vid­ed in­to three realm­s, Midgard, Al­bion, and Hiber­ni­a, who reg­u­lar­ly fight each oth­er and win and lose and die ...
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