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Cargo Carriers · It’s not ob­vi­ous why the at­tach­ment of bas­kets to bi­cy­cles should be gender-related, but in fact one ob­serves that 100% of the bi­cy­cles with bas­kets on the front han­dle­bars are rid­den by wom­en. In fact I find the ef­fect fem­i­nine and charm­ing, but I sus­pect that’s be­cause of the rid­er­s.
Skull and Crossbones · In pink, with a se­quined crown ...
Clink · It was late, ev­ery­one else long asleep. I was walk­ing be­tween the din­ing ta­ble and the kitchen counter (not a very wide space) when, from the counter-top, I heard a soft lit­tle dis­crete clink­ing sound, some elec­tron­ic de­vice want­ing at­ten­tion. It would not be sur­pris­ing for such a thing to be found on our kitchen coun­ter, but I didn’t rec­og­nize the sound. It would be a lit­tle more sur­pris­ing, but not very, if the de­vice on the counter were un­known to me. So I turned back and around where I could see the coun­ter, which was on­ly mod­er­ate­ly clut­tered, and spot­ted no elec­tron­ics at all aside from a cou­ple of bat­tery charg­er­s. They mul­ti­ply like bun­ny rab­bits when you’re not look­ing, pro­duc­ing slight­ly vari­ant hy­brids that don’t work with what­ev­er needs charg­ing nex­t; then the orig­i­nal wan­ders away. But I di­gress. I was puz­zled but de­cid­ed to let it pass, and re­turned to my orig­i­nal er­rand. Soft dis­crete clink. I looked again: cook­ie jar, bot­tle of wine, but­ter, charg­er­s, ex­ten­sion cord draped over the back of the coun­ter, toast­er. Wel­l, what­ev­er. Turn around, step, clink. Wait a sec­ond, there’s a pat­tern. I was brush­ing the cord and its end was swing­ing against the wine bot­tle. It sound­ed amaz­ing­ly like a friend­ly alert en­vi­sioned and sculp­tured by a spiky-haired Us­er Ex­pe­ri­ence en­gi­neer in Shibuya. Real im­i­tat­ing fake, there you go.
Public Execution? · See, here they are, heads bowed to re­ceive the blow ...
Internet Slush · Some­times it seems that’s all that’s out there, and out the oth­er day, strolling the Drive, we dis­cov­ered that it may even have a busi­ness mod­el ...
Tab Sweep · I guess there’s no harm in an oc­ca­sion­al links+­com­men­tary dump; af­ter al­l, ev­ery­body does it. Item: Bits at the Edge is the blog of Mo­toro­la CTO Pad­mas­ree War­rior. The en­tries are too long and dip in­to marketing-speak, but there’s good writ­ing and orig­i­nal thought in there too and I’ve sub­scribed. How could any­one in com­put­ing not need to know what Motorola’s CTO is think­ing? Item: Via Joe Gre­go­rio, PDF slide­ware on The EBay Ar­chi­tec­ture. This ought to be re­quired read­ing for ev­ery­one in this busi­ness whose ti­tle con­tains the words “Web” or “Architect”. I won­der if this sort of wis­dom is be­ing taught in uni­ver­si­ties? Item: Ad­vanced Mes­sage Queu­ing Pro­to­col (AMQP) Spec­i­fi­ca­tions has crossed my radar a few times re­cent­ly. If you re­al­ly be­lieve in loose cou­pling and asyn­chronous mes­sag­ing (as we all claim to), then you be­lieve in some­thing like this. Item: How to find out which font has which char­ac­ters; some­thing I’ve nev­er known how to do on OS X. Item: Ugan­dans grab ‘pig-for-name’ deal; it’s hard not to have com­pli­cat­ed feel­ings about this one.
Apocalypse · I’m not kid­ding. This is the End, may­be, of Civ­i­liza­tion As We Know It. I’m think­ing now would be a good time for the Borg to come along and as­sim­i­late us al­l. I’m talk­ing about Yahoo’s new The 9. Sure­ly the In­ter­net must have an “Off” switch some­where?
Blue Balls · Mag­nif­i­cent In­ter­net silli­ness!
North Korean Art · There are a few feeds I sub­scribe to that I al­most nev­er read; they’re just there for when I’m stuck on a bor­ing con call or I’m re­al­ly tired late at night. One of them is North Korea Zone; I have a sick fas­ci­na­tion with North Kore­a, the fact such a place can still ex­ist in the 21st Cen­tu­ry is mind-boggling. Any­how, late last night I ran across some on­line North Kore­an Art, which I en­tire­ly lack words to de­scribe. To get warmed up, check out these Film Posters. Then there are shots of Kim Il-Sung with chil­dren and burn­ing books and doc­u­ments. Fi­nal­ly, I’m not sure why this one of Kim Jeong-Sook (whom I as­sume is the same per­son as Kim Jong-Suk) ap­pealed to me, but it did. [Up­date: Some of the cap­tion­s, trans­lat­ed, worth read­ing.] ...
Surprising the Eye · What hap­pened was, I was speak­ing at a con­fer­ence, shar­ing the stage with the Chair­man of the SEC (by video) and (in the flesh) the SEC’s CIO and the FDIC’s Deputy CIO. No point­ers be­cause it de­serves se­ri­ous cov­er­age. For the oc­ca­sion, I (ob­vi­ous­ly) wore my best custom-made Ital­ian suit (grey) and an understated-but-strong tie (most­ly blue), along with my dap­per new Bailey’s fe­do­ra. Then I took off for two heavy-geek meet­ings at Sun cam­pus­es and a vis­it to Tech­no­rati. When I pulled in­to the Sun park­ing lot, I thought about pulling the tie off and the jeans on but de­cid­ed it would do ’em good to see a geek in a suit, and I have to say I got as many blank-faced WTF-is-this looks as any­one could wan­t. But then, at the end of all my meet­ings, while I was trudg­ing down a SoMa street to my alarmingly-huge Avis van ($20 in gas for a day go­ing up & down Route 101; dear Amer­i­ca, something’s wrong), I saw some­thing re­al­ly alarm­ing ...
The Dark Side of RSS · Re­pro­duced ver­ba­tim, as re­ceived from a plausible-looking mac.­com ad­dress: HI THIS IS KAYE SHAW. I DONT THINK SO MY HUSBAND BOB USE 'RSS FEEDS"!!!!! PLEASE HIS REMOVED CLEAN UP!!!!!!! WE HAVE OWN BUSINESS!!!! THANK YOU, MRS. KAYE SHAW
Be the Middle Gazelle · Some­times Len Bullard’s posts take on the feel of Zen Koan­s, for ex­am­ple Do­ing Busi­ness in The Jun­gle and Gas and The Subur­ban War­rior.
Sheep Emblem Azerbaijan · I am un­able to re­sist one more un­in­ten­tion­al fun­ny cour­tesy of the ad­mirable NetNewWire delta fea­ture ...
Pirate Source Code · Per­haps I’m in­suf­fi­cient­ly in tune with the zeit­gest, but those more hip ap­par­ent­ly know that the nine­teenth is “Talk Like a Pi­rate Day”—perhaps best ex­pe­ri­enced chez Si­mon Wil­li­son where you can fur­row your brow over gems such as T'float call be in there be­cause Python dis­re­gaards t'remainder in straight in­te­ger di'ision; by castin' one of t'arguments to a float floatin' point di'ision be used in­stead. But prob­a­bly not af­ter to­day.
The Cubs, Cicadas, and Coolidge · Real life is way weird­er than any­thing you could make up. Thanks to the won­ders of mod­ern syn­di­ca­tion tech­nol­o­gy, the weird these days comes con­ve­nient­ly pack­aged and se­quenced. Re­pro­duced here for you most­ly with­out com­men­t ...
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