In pink, with a sequined crown.

Oh, and a lock of blonde hair.

Skull and crossbones in pink, with sequined crown and a lock of blonde hair

Shannon’s little girl was wearing this T-shirt and I thought it odd enough to deserve a picture. Shannon raised her eyebrows; “$10 at Target” she said.


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From: F.Baube (Apr 21 2008, at 02:05)

Hah this whole heavy metal skull fetish is SO weird. If you buy her skulls 'n crossbones, buy her a book about pirates too eh. Tales of adventure. Nobody should be allowed to wear a skull unless they can name three pirates.


From: Birdy from Berlin (Apr 21 2008, at 04:14)

This skulls, pirates fashion and little bit like gothic theme is currently a must hype in Europe.

Also my 14 month old daughter is wearing skull-shirts today!

Fashion is part of our society :-)


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