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The Bay Area · Last week I announced that I was leaving Google and said in passing that I found the Bay Area “congested, racist, incestuous, and overpriced”. Those four adjectives were apparently more newsworthy than my career moves; fair enough. The reaction (and there was a lot of it) ranged from giggly agreement to sincere anger. So I should follow up ...
California Valentine · OK, so I took these pix on the 11th not the 14th and, what’s worse, processed them heavily, but they’re still a love letter to That State. They’re from Venice Beach in LA, which I think a deep expression of Pacific Timezone consciousness. Yeah, it’s sorta sleazy and drug-oriented, but I’ll deal with that in exchange for that light and those colors ...
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Stevens Creek · When I’m down here visiting the Plex I often stay at Hotel Zico; it’s comfy and attractive and inexpensive and central. It offers more or less nothing by way of food but I have breakfast at Google and don’t eat at hotels otherwise anyhow. It’s right at the intersection of 85 and 82 and thereby hangs a tale ...
April 18, 2008 · I had a little slack in the schedule heading for the airport, so when I left work, I stopped on to photograph a marsh ...
Dawn Foam · Four pictures of Northern California waves at sunrise ...
Those Sunsets · Aptos is a little town not far from Monterey, where I and a couple of hundred other Sun engineers are hiding to talk about what we’re doing and what works and what doesn’t. Can’t report on that much, but the next best thing about California after computer technology is sunsets. So here are two.
From Route One · A beach, somewhere north of Half Moon Bay. It’s getting late ...
More Californipix · Another forty-eight hours in the Golden State, half of them rainy. I was looking around the Sun campus for a cool rain shot I could call “Sun in the Rain” but struck out. I do have an interesting city pair and and a dangerous wet-pavement thing ...
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California Trip Miscellany · Sun schedules the Analyst Summit and the Worldwide Education and Research Conference in the same week in San Francisco, which works well, because it lets those of who pitch in at both (which is basically everyone outward-facing) save on travel and transit. But combine that with some real interesting engineering discussions and some VIP visitors and, well, there go three days ...
The Valley · The plane landed early and there was even a gate ready so I got out of SFO PDQ, even gaming the stupid monorail, sometimes if you miss the blue train you can hop the red one around the short half of the loop and catch it. But then 101 slower each mile south till the fire-truck blocking two lanes down by 87. Anyhow I got to watch the huge full moon grow smaller and whiter drifting up, but in the right place, just south of Oracle, that the planes, starlike points of white light, were drifting above and below it against the dusk like fireflies. And on the talk radio two different right-wingers saying that even Dubya is a pussy now, America needs to blow up some more mosques (I’m not making this up) and on another AM station, Christian, a neo-Calvinist in a slow round cartoon voice: “You may think you love Jesus but that’s not enough, on that glorious day you might find yourself cast down!” I spun the dial and with relief found some decent rock & roll, the only sane thing on that California highway.
Carmel-by-the-sea · The coastline near Carmel, California is remarkably beautiful. And for photographers, some gadget porn ...
Earthquake Anniversary · From Doc Searls, a very good piece, with pictures, on the hundredth anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake, and on California quakes in general. I can’t help thinking what would happen if The Big One came along while someone was running a keynote session at the Moscone. Yow.
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