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The Bay Area · Last week I an­nounced that I was leav­ing Google and said in pass­ing that I found the Bay Area “congested, racist, in­ces­tu­ous, and overpriced”. Those four ad­jec­tives were ap­par­ent­ly more news­wor­thy than my ca­reer moves; fair enough. The re­ac­tion (and there was a lot of it) ranged from gig­gly agree­ment to sin­cere anger. So I should fol­low up ...
California Valentine · OK, so I took these pix on the 11th not the 14th and, what’s worse, pro­cessed them heav­i­ly, but they’re still a love let­ter to That State. They’re from Venice Beach in LA, which I think a deep ex­pres­sion of Pa­cif­ic Time­zone con­scious­ness. Yeah, it’s sor­ta sleazy and drug-oriented, but I’ll deal with that in ex­change for that light and those col­ors ...
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Stevens Creek · When I’m down here vis­it­ing the Plex I of­ten stay at Ho­tel Zi­co; it’s com­fy and at­trac­tive and in­ex­pen­sive and cen­tral. It of­fers more or less noth­ing by way of food but I have break­fast at Google and don’t eat at ho­tels oth­er­wise any­how. It’s right at the in­ter­sec­tion of 85 and 82 and there­by hangs a tale ...
April 18, 2008 · I had a lit­tle slack in the sched­ule head­ing for the air­port, so when I left work, I stopped on to pho­to­graph a marsh ...
Dawn Foam · Four pic­tures of North­ern Cal­i­for­nia waves at sun­rise ...
Those Sunsets · Ap­tos is a lit­tle town not far from Mon­terey, where I and a cou­ple of hun­dred oth­er Sun en­gi­neers are hid­ing to talk about what we’re do­ing and what works and what doesn’t. Can’t re­port on that much, but the next best thing about Cal­i­for­nia af­ter com­put­er tech­nol­o­gy is sun­set­s. So here are two.
From Route One · A beach, some­where north of Half Moon Bay. It’s get­ting late ...
More Californipix · Another forty-eight hours in the Gold­en State, half of them rainy. I was look­ing around the Sun cam­pus for a cool rain shot I could call “Sun in the Rain” but struck out. I do have an in­ter­est­ing city pair and and a dan­ger­ous wet-pavement thing ...
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California Trip Miscellany · Sun sched­ules the An­a­lyst Sum­mit and the World­wide Ed­u­ca­tion and Re­search Con­fer­ence in the same week in San Fran­cis­co, which works well, be­cause it lets those of who pitch in at both (which is ba­si­cal­ly ev­ery­one outward-facing) save on trav­el and tran­sit. But com­bine that with some re­al in­ter­est­ing en­gi­neer­ing dis­cus­sions and some VIP vis­i­tors and, well, there go three days ...
The Valley · The plane land­ed ear­ly and there was even a gate ready so I got out of SFO PDQ, even gam­ing the stupid mono­rail, some­times if you miss the blue train you can hop the red one around the short half of the loop and catch it. But then 101 slow­er each mile south till the fire-truck block­ing two lanes down by 87. Any­how I got to watch the huge full moon grow small­er and whiter drift­ing up, but in the right place, just south of Or­a­cle, that the planes, star­like points of white light, were drift­ing above and be­low it against the dusk like fire­flies. And on the talk ra­dio two dif­fer­ent right-wingers say­ing that even Dubya is a pussy now, Amer­i­ca needs to blow up some more mosques (I’m not mak­ing this up) and on an­oth­er AM sta­tion, Chris­tian, a neo-Calvinist in a slow round car­toon voice: “You may think you love Je­sus but that’s not enough, on that glo­ri­ous day you might find your­self cast down!” I spun the di­al and with re­lief found some de­cent rock & rol­l, the on­ly sane thing on that Cal­i­for­nia high­way.
Carmel-by-the-sea · The coast­line near Carmel, Cal­i­for­nia is re­mark­ably beau­ti­ful. And for pho­tog­ra­pher­s, some gad­get porn ...
Earthquake Anniversary · From Doc Searl­s, a very good piece, with pic­tures, on the hun­dredth an­niver­sary of the Great San Fran­cis­co Earthquake, and on Cal­i­for­nia quakes in gen­er­al. I can’t help think­ing what would hap­pen if The Big One came along while some­one was run­ning a keynote ses­sion at the Moscone. Yow.
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