The plane landed early and there was even a gate ready so I got out of SFO PDQ, even gaming the stupid monorail, sometimes if you miss the blue train you can hop the red one around the short half of the loop and catch it. But then 101 slower each mile south till the fire-truck blocking two lanes down by 87. Anyhow I got to watch the huge full moon grow smaller and whiter drifting up, but in the right place, just south of Oracle, that the planes, starlike points of white light, were drifting above and below it against the dusk like fireflies. And on the talk radio two different right-wingers saying that even Dubya is a pussy now, America needs to blow up some more mosques (I’m not making this up) and on another AM station, Christian, a neo-Calvinist in a slow round cartoon voice: “You may think you love Jesus but that’s not enough, on that glorious day you might find yourself cast down!” I spun the dial and with relief found some decent rock & roll, the only sane thing on that California highway.


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From: Pat (Dec 06 2006, at 08:45)

Hi Tim - just read your SFN notes post. Anyone heading down this way should consider using <a href="">280</a> rather than 101. Not so good for the Menlo Park and Santa Clara Sun campuses, I'm afraid, but a much nicer drive, very scenic and much better for points south of 101.


From: Postmodern Sass (Dec 06 2006, at 22:10)

Oh, so <i>that's</i> why you ask me whether I listen to A.M. radio? Glad I don't!


From: Kevin Marks (Dec 06 2006, at 23:23)

If you can, do use 280 - 380 from the airport goes straight to it, and then you can cruise past the reservoirs instead of the strip malls. My iPod once disconcertingly picked Chris Rea's 'Road to Hell' album for a drive down 101.


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