I had a little slack in the schedule heading for the airport, so when I left work, I stopped on to photograph a marsh.

This is just north of Sun’s Menlo Park Campus, Route 84 along the edge of San Francisco Bay between Marsh and Willow Roads; as that first road’s name suggests, there’s a great big salt marsh there.

San Francisco Bay salt marsh from Marsh Road

On days when the water’s a little lower than usual, it the smell can get pretty rich.

Just up the road a bit is Bayfront Park, which is an awfully nice place to go for a walk. I climbed a hill and took a shot up the bayside. North of Menlo Park, if there’s anything interesting between 101 and the water I haven’t found it; plasticky housing developments and an occasional outburst of high-tech, in particular Oracle’s Dark Towers.

Looking north from Bayfront Park

Note the line of transmission towers along the horizon in both pictures.

Also in the park was this elderly box which may still shelter electrical equipment. Nice typography and graceful decay, what’s not to like?

Old Electro-matic

Then I went to the airport and came home to Vancouver, which was suffering an unseasonable April snowstorm.

April snowstorm in Vancouver

A little too much contrast for one day, if you ask me.


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From: Mark (Apr 21 2008, at 07:02)

That electrical box looks almost as realistically decayed as similar items in Tokyo DisneySea -- but not quite. The Imagineers do a better job.


From: Michael Hanson (Apr 23 2008, at 14:41)

North of Menlo Park the pickings do get pretty slim, as you note, Tim.

One big reason for that is that Inner Bair and Outer Bair Island, north of Redwood City and south of Redwood Shores, are protected and totally off-limits to normal foot traffic. You need a Zodiac or a kayak to even get out there. I've accompanied biologists on surveys out there a couple times, and they can be pretty gorgeous.

If you ever feel like taking up bird photography, I would recommend the cooling pool on Radio Road, at the farthest point of land bay-ward of the Oracle Towers.

some pix: http://adampaul.wordpress.com/2007/05/18/radio-road-birding-redwood-city-ca/

map: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=radio+road+redwood+city&sll=37.540086,-122.23526&sspn=0.049818,0.08935&ie=UTF8&z=16


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