Week ending Sunday 2008/10/26

Monday 0:03 · Tough Times: Back to Basics www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/20/Back-to-Basics [Original.]

Monday 0:30 · Grouchy Canadian psephological blogging: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/20/Canadian-Election [Original.]

Monday 9:41 · Having arrived at the office, I shall now sit and drip quietly for a while. [Original.]

Monday 9:44 · @BreakingNewsOn has been hijacked by The Onion. [Original, responding to @BreakingNews.]

Monday 10:18 · Steve Yegge shouldn't publish his pieces on Monday mornings. Doesn't he know we have work to do? [Original.]

Monday 11:54 · XML Trouble: localhost/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/20/XML-Trouble [Original.]

Monday 12:09 · Urgh, that XML Trouble pointer, now correct: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/20/XML-Trouble [Original.]

Monday 12:11 · Join the parade: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/20/Parade-Of-Lost-Souls [Original.]

Monday 12:16 · I continue to be amused that The Economist consistently uses "Populist" as derogatory term. [Original.]

Monday 14:49 · Celebrating NetBeans' 10th birthday by filing a bunch of little defects on the C/C++ module. Apache-std indentation is *almost* right [Original.]

Monday 15:35 · Good heavens, Gartner notices Merb. blogs.gartner.com/mark_driver/2008/10/10/merb-10-for-ruby-emerges-real-competition-for-rails/ [Original.]

Monday 21:26 · Another eloquent Obama testimonial: rambleon.org/2008/10/20/the-change-2/ [Original.]

Monday 22:25 · @bici I wish the Flashturbators would just, you know, go away and leave the Web alone. [Original, responding to @bici.]

Monday 23:13 · The language does not contain the words necessary to express how much I hate Windows. [Original.]

Wednesday 9:03 · Legacy Opportunity: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/21/Legacy-Opportunity [Original.]

Wednesday 14:15 · Drizzle is hot stuff & big news. I'm 100% convinced. krow.livejournal.com/622006.html [Original.]

Wednesday 14:16 · @cote Expensive blue-suit consulting contracts. [Original, responding to @cote.]

Thursday 7:00 · Answer the Phone Call: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/23/Telecom [Original.]

Thursday 7:45 · @robertDouglass You say that as if there were general agreement on the right way to do it. [Original, responding to @robertDouglass.]

Thursday 11:38 · Learning the horrible truth about the raw tech specs of SSD storage. Amazing it works at all. Spinning rust looking better. [Original.]

Thursday 12:11 · Despite my previous remark, these guys are building some really fucking remarkable server-class storage devices. [Original.]

Thursday 16:45 · Understand your user: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/23/Build-For-Yourself [Original.]

Thursday 23:59 · @brianaker Near Monterey to home in 7 hours elapsed. [Original, responding to @brianaker.]

Friday 0:00 · @diveintomark 30 is hot. 20 is nice. 10 is chilly. 0 is freezing. Fahrenheit is teh suck. [Original, responding to @diveintomark.]

Friday 10:12 · And it's a global equities meltdown. In other news, there was a Tuesday in last week. [Original.]

Friday 10:19 · Flew to California and back this week. Planes both way largely empty. Just sayin [Original.]

Friday 12:25 · Branch Out: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/24/No-Tech-Religion [Original.]

Friday 14:39 · @diveintomark Practical airport bigotry: Choose line with highest concentration of white men in suits. Always works. [Original, responding to @diveintomark.]

Friday 21:04 · mmmm ETags sugar: ryandaigle.com/articles/2008/10/25/what-s-new-in-edge-rails-even-better-conditional-get-support [Original.]

Friday 21:08 · @freeholdhal Consider writing a double-hyphen name generator and launch a website. You'll be rich, I tell ya, RICH! [Original, responding to @freeholdhal.]

Friday 21:17 · @kscaldef I wouldn't do that. [Original, responding to @kscaldef.]

Friday 22:45 · Elite access to Canada: link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid271557392?bctid=1842856410 [Original.]

Saturday 1:00 · @stephenfry The British, admirable in many respects, know nothing—nothing, I say—about toast. Must be eaten hot, within seconds of popping. [Original, responding to @stephenfry.]

Saturday 13:35 · Wondering where the people who designed Applescript are locked up. [Original.]

Saturday 15:12 · Creating a document with a "word processor" for the first time in a couple years. Feels weird. OO.o 3.0 seems perfectly OK FWIW. [Original.]

Saturday 16:16 · Beautiful weather for tonight's parade, come on out! www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/20/Parade-Of-Lost-Souls [Original.]

Sunday 0:24 · Pounded the dead goat for 3 hours at the Parade of the Lost Souls. Feet hurt. Shoulders hurt. Soul glowing. [Djembés have goatskin heads]. [Original.]

Sunday 9:41 · Eventually, everyone will get it: www.pluralsight.com/community/blogs/tewald/archive/2008/10/25/learn-a-dynamic-language-now.aspx [Original.]

Sunday 13:44 · I must say I do enjoy litigation blogging: blogs.netapp.com/dave/2008/10/current-status.html [Original.]

Sunday 14:03 · Been a Steelers fan off & on for years. Really must visit the place sometime. [Original.]

Sunday 15:41 · Wow, OpenOffice.org 3.0 on OS X has (some) Mac/Emacs keystrokes, control-A/E/D and so on. W00t! [Original.]

Sunday 21:19 · That Parade (with a funny picture): www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/26/The-Parade [Original.]

Sunday 21:26 · @segphault Well, there's, uh, HTML. [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Sunday 23:19 · How about we have a weekend without major breaking financial-disaster news stories? [Original.]

Sunday 23:41 · $10K scholarships for blogging... is this legit? www.collegescholarships.org/our-scholarships/blogging.htm [Original.]

Sunday 23:42 · @meejeet at 23:40 on Sunday?!?! Oh wait, I'm debugging a broken web server. [Original, responding to @meejeet.]

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