Of the Lost Souls I mean. It was so much fun it shouldn’t be legal. This post is here so I can post a funny picture of myself and meditate, once again, on the profusion of digital recordings of, well, everything.

Here’s your host:

Tim Bray made up for the Parade of the Lost Souls

Photo credit: Sue, one of my band-mates.

You can also get the flavor of the event with a Flickr Search; I recommend following that link, some of the pix are fantastic. And there’s video too—on one of the fire-show sequences, you can hear our band. I found one picture showing us in action.

I’ve come to expect that everything public, and quite a bit of what’s private too, is subject to capture and posting. Last night it got on my nerves a bit, for the first time. What happened was, after the parade part and the accompany-the-fire-show part, the band set up on a random Commercial-Drive sidewalk just to play for the people. It got hotter and hotter; the dancing space was dominated by an adorable little preschool girl and an acrobatic/slinky babe; the crowd was dense and way into the beat. The band and dancers were really in the groove, and then I noticed that there were cameras of various shapes and sizes everywhere I looked, it seemed like the crowd was a forest of hands clutching morsels of silver and black.

And I was thinking “Drop the damn cameras already, get down and boogie.” Be Here Now, someone once said, and I think too many cameras get in the way.

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October 26, 2008
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