That’s al­l, folk­s. Wel­come to the last Song of the Day. I knew pret­ty ear­ly what I want­ed it to be, be­cause ev­ery ex­tend­ed en­deav­or should en­deav­or to end on a high note. And What a Won­der­ful World fit­s, al­beit in­di­rect­ly, in­to the ex­it the­me, wor­ship and rev­er­ence.

It is of course, a won­der­ful world, from my point of view. After al­l, I’m its apex preda­tor, the prod­uct of an evo­lu­tion­ary pro­cess that’s ex­tend­ed over most of our fair planet’s life­time. In ef­fec­t, I’m specif­i­cal­ly the or­gan­ism that is most well-suited to this par­tic­u­lar world. Put an­oth­er way, this world made us, and we should show rev­er­ence to­wards our Creator. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Sol, to its third plan­et, and to the work­ing of the Uni­verse, the plat­form the evo­lu­tion­ary en­gine runs on.


Dis­clo­sure: Yes, I’m per­fect­ly aware that I ex­ude priv­i­lege; as a white male tech­nol­o­gist and busi­ness­man I’ve played life at the low­est dif­fi­cul­ty lev­el since I was a kid, and have been lucky on top of that. Ob­vi­ous­ly, the world is less won­der­ful for many. But; I try re­al­ly hard not to be preda­to­ry, and on av­er­age it’s still pret­ty won­der­ful.

Back to the song: Writ­ten in 1967 by Bob Thiele and Ge­orge David Weiss, both music-biz in­sid­er­s, it was an in­ter­na­tion­al hit for Louis Arm­strong, but nev­er re­al­ly caught on in the States un­til a decade lat­er. It’s been record­ed a few times since, but prob­a­bly re­mains Louis’ song in most people’s mind­s. Which is fair enough, he sang it mas­ter­ful­ly.

This is the end of the Song of the Day se­ries (back­ground).

Links · Spo­ti­fy playlist. This tune on Spo­ti­fy, iTunes, Ama­zon. Now, as for live per­for­mances, here’s Louis back when the song was new. But I have a prob­lem with that and I blame Miles Dav­is, who ad­mired Louis but just couldn’t han­dle his locked-in grin. And now, hav­ing read Miles, I can’t ether. So, here’s Esper­an­za Spald­ing, of whom I know more or less noth­ing, but who in­jects more mu­si­cal depth in­to the song than any­one else I know of. Wow!

But hav­ing sam­pled the of­fer­ings, I have to ad­mit that, some­what to my sur­prise, I find my heart most warmed by mouldy, shag­gy old Rod Ste­wart, who milks the song for ev­ery mi­cro­gram of sen­ti­ment while by the way de­liv­er­ing a flaw­less, perfectly-pitched vo­cal, ob­vi­ous­ly hav­ing a great time and find­ing the part of the world he’s oc­cu­py­ing just then per­fect­ly won­der­ful.

Over and out · Thanks to any­one who’s read a few of the blogs and lis­tened to a song or two. Do­ing this has en­riched my life. I re­gret all the great songs I missed, but not too much. Most peo­ple have an in­ter­nal hit pa­rade, and they should cher­ish it and share it.

And I think to myself… what a won­der­ful world.


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From: Paul Morriss (Jun 21 2018, at 07:39)

I expect one day to be stuck somewhere with an internet device and cheap connection and to work my way through these.

Thanks for sharing!


From: Mark D (Jun 21 2018, at 08:06)

Thanks for the series. I really enjoyed it.


From: JM (Jun 21 2018, at 09:03)

I've been occasionally browsing thru this section, Glad to say I've discovered a few gems here. Thanks.


From: Richard Smith (Jun 21 2018, at 09:07)

Thank you so much, Tim. This daily addition to my musical knowledge has been a glorious journey and I look forward to revisiting all of these posts again and again in the future. The personal and informational insights really enriched the whole thing.


From: Dan M (Jun 21 2018, at 16:39)

Thanks Tim. You clearly put a lot of thought into these, and I looked forward to seeing them every day.


From: Gordon Haff (Jun 21 2018, at 18:04)

Thanks so much Tim, for this. I'm still working through the series.


From: Andrew W (Jun 22 2018, at 02:47)

Thanks so much for this series - lots of effort, absolutely worth it. Kudos!


From: David (Jun 22 2018, at 08:29)

I followed this series closely, enjoying the songs and the commentary each day. I'm quite happy to have discovered a few new favorites and rediscovered some forgotten ones along the way.

Thank you Tim!


From: Chris Lindley (Jun 26 2018, at 06:49)

Thank you!


From: PeterL (Jul 29 2018, at 09:59)

Thank-you, Tim, for the series. You covered some of my favourites (or, even better, pieces by my favourite composers that I had overlooked), and opened my eyes to areas that I had ignored. And your choice for a finale was spot on. (I might have chosen Bach's Mass in B-minor "Gratias agimus tibi" at the Proms (because the Proms was the first concert I went to on my own; and it's a piece I sometimes play when I get programmer's block.)


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