Yesterday I veered gleefully off the road of High Culture into the musical gutter. So, let’s hang out down here one more day. For your pleasure I offer “Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo”. It was written in 1970 by Rick Derringer, who is OK by me, originally for Johnny Winter. Rick’s laid down some ace recordings both on his own and with one or more Winters.

Rick Derringer’s list of collaborators includes the Winters, Steely Dan, Weird Al, and the World Wrestling Federation. I guess that makes him a Great American.

Fortunately for you, I know the definitive version of Hoochie Koo, which is on a live album called Roadwork by Edgar Winter’s White Trash. I hesitate to recommend it for general-purpose consumption because it’s screechy, undisciplined, and ultra-raw. Fine by me but not for everyone. Johnny Winter was normally not part of his brother’s band, but on this night Edger invited him up for Hoochie Koo, so that’s the only version I know that’s played by Rick and Johnny together and oh my that’s some serious rockin’.

Rick Derringer, Johnny Winter

Rick Derringer and Johnny Winter, from the back cover of Roadwork.

This is the 109th in the Song of the Day series (background).

Links · Spotify playlist. This tune on Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes (where it’s listed as “Rock and Roll, H*****e Koo”). As for live video, I guess nobody was filming that night, but here separately are Rick Derringer (with Edgar Winter) and Johnny Winter; both videos are from 1973.


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From: Guy Middleton (Apr 19 2018, at 11:28)

There is an excellent version of this by Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Edgar Winter on the Les Paul tribute album "American Made World Played".


From: Tim (but not THE Tim) (Apr 21 2018, at 15:24)

I thought they played it together on "Johnny Winter And Live" ? I have the album, and Rick Derringer played in the band, but there's no definitive listing of who played on each song


From: m@ (Apr 22 2018, at 21:17)

Don't forget: Rick started out as the lead singer/guitarist for The McCoys. (That was him on "Hang On Sloopy.") I grew up with their rocking cover of "C'mon Let's Go," and upon encountering Ritchie Valens' original years later, thought it sounded a little tame in comparison.


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