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Reviewing Ethics · I used to do quite a bit of re­view­ing on TripAd­vi­sor; en­joyed the feel­ing of con­tribut­ing and used the ser­vice when pick­ing ho­tels and restos. But then I re­al­ized that this lit­tle warm glow was re­al­ly all about mak­ing mon­ey for Sil­i­con Val­ley VCs, and I have a ma­jor at­ti­tude prob­lem about that. Which rais­es the is­sue; Is it eth­i­cal­ly OK to par­tic­i­pate in re­view sites at al­l? [Spoil­er: Yeah, some­times, but def­i­nite­ly not on Google Map­s.] ...
SotD: Cello Suite #5 · To­day fea­tures the first artist to make a re­turn Song-of-the-Day ap­pear­ance: J.S. Bach. The mu­sic is the Cel­lo Suite #5, a show­piece for ba­si­cal­ly ev­ery cel­list who’s ev­er per­formed, and an ob­ject of study for ev­ery se­ri­ous stu­dent who gets a cou­ple of years in­to the in­stru­men­t ...
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