We keep our boat at Horse­shoe Bay, a pret­ty lit­tle place when ap­proached by land. Boaters in­bound by ocean come face-to-face with a huge an­tique float/pier/break­wa­ter kind of thing, whose ug­li­ness I’ve long found mag­nif­i­cent and which to­day I took the time to tour and pho­tograph.

Vintage Nautical

Turns out this huge steel thing is afloat, ac­tu­al­ly; here’s how it’s fas­tened to the land. Those are big chains and huge truck tires.

What hap­pened was, I was out win­ter­iz­ing the boat. Van­cou­ver missed au­tumn this year, snapped over from 18°C Indian-summer to ba­si­cal­ly ze­ro more or less overnight. To­day a few snowflakes drift­ed down and I was wear­ing a non­tra­di­tion­al Cana­di­an boat­ing to­que. You can see snowflakes in all but one of today’s pho­to­s, if you look close­ly.

I’d ne­glect­ed my cam­era and was thus shoot­ing with the Pix­el, re­al­ly not much of a hand­i­cap for day­light pho­tos when they’re close-ups and big land­scapes. Here are one of each.

Vintage Nautical

Wow, this thing is, well, “going back to nature” doesn’t feel like the right phrase. But there’s def­i­nite­ly an en­tropy gra­di­en­t.

Boat approaching Horseshoe Bay

I’ve been us­ing the Light­room cam­era ap­p, which is a lit­tle on the slow side but has nice con­trols and pulls the raw bits off the sen­sor, and I like the app’s edit­ing prim­i­tives. But in re­cent weeks it’s be­come un­us­ably crashy  —  I’ve al­ready cleared its da­ta once to no ef­fect  —  so my fall­back is the well-regarded na­tive An­droid Cam­era ap­p. It’s quick and the pix look good, I have to say. And while Light­room claims to be shoot­ing RAW and in­deed emits DNG’s, they don’t con­tain any­thing like the amount of hid­den po­ten­tial a good RAW file from a re­al cam­era ex­hibit­s. So the na­tive An­droid JPEGs are not mak­ing me un­hap­py.

I have to shuf­fle them through DropBox to get them on the Mac so I can pret­ti­fy them with Light­room; I miss Adobe’s nice smooth mo­bile/PC sync. Any­how, I thought Light­room did a nice job on this monochrome.

Vintage Nautical

This float is quite a struc­ture. It’s not solid, it’s sort of a frame so you can look down at the ocean in the mid­dle. Wel­l, you could, ex­cept for that piece of wa­ter is stacked up with old sty­ro­foam, the kind that’s used to make float­ing docks float.

Vintage Nautical

This pic­ture isn’t beau­ti­ful or any­thing, but
there’s a lot hap­pen­ing, top to bot­tom, left to right.

As for the boat, I in­stalled its low-level win­ter heat­ing ap­pa­ra­tus, ran the en­gine for a bit, set up sup­port poles to pro­tect the can­vas cov­er from heavy snow, and ad­just­ed the lines against win­ter storm­s; then went for a burg­er and beer at the wa­ter­front ale­house.

That’s a sat­is­fy­ing early-winter half-day.


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From: Eric H (Nov 05 2017, at 06:22)

Try Snapseed for photo editing -- surprisingly slick.


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