He’s leav­ing and she’s dy­ing. Stil­l, these are hap­py pic­tures.

Gareth and Rune

That’s Gareth Kirk­by, a friend for decades, who came over for din­ner be­cause we’d drift­ed apart, it’s been a while, and be­cause he’s leav­ing (has left now) for Asi­a, on a trip with no fixed end. He’s po­lit­i­cal, a good writ­er and a good per­son and full of sur­pris­es. We’ll miss him.

In his arm­s, Rune the Ben­gal cat, who is 19 years old and fail­ing fast; a list of her ail­ments would fill too much sad space. But the in­ter­ven­tions have (just bare­ly) not reached abu­sive lev­el­s, and they hap­pen with­out the hat­ed trips to the vet. Spring is com­ing and she vis­i­bly en­joys the sun­shine; but she won’t see an­oth­er. She’s been the best cat ev­er, full of sto­ries; watch for her obit­u­ary in this space pret­ty soon. We’ll miss her.

Gareth and Rune

We are waves climb­ing the beach, grow­ing thin­ner, and who knows how far each will get? But a sun­ny spring evening on the porch stops time.


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From: Takashi (May 31 2017, at 04:27)

They are beautiful photos, but I can't suppose what to say.....


From: Ryan (May 31 2017, at 10:22)

Beautiful, poetic post. I've buried my fair share of family members who were cats too. Not much easier than people, and just as important in their own right. Much love.


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