He’s leaving and she’s dying. Still, these are happy pictures.

Gareth and Rune

That’s Gareth Kirkby, a friend for decades, who came over for dinner because we’d drifted apart, it’s been a while, and because he’s leaving (has left now) for Asia, on a trip with no fixed end. He’s political, a good writer and a good person and full of surprises. We’ll miss him.

In his arms, Rune the Bengal cat, who is 19 years old and failing fast; a list of her ailments would fill too much sad space. But the interventions have (just barely) not reached abusive levels, and they happen without the hated trips to the vet. Spring is coming and she visibly enjoys the sunshine; but she won’t see another. She’s been the best cat ever, full of stories; watch for her obituary in this space pretty soon. We’ll miss her.

Gareth and Rune

We are waves climbing the beach, growing thinner, and who knows how far each will get? But a sunny spring evening on the porch stops time.


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From: Takashi (May 31 2017, at 04:27)

They are beautiful photos, but I can't suppose what to say.....


From: Ryan (May 31 2017, at 10:22)

Beautiful, poetic post. I've buried my fair share of family members who were cats too. Not much easier than people, and just as important in their own right. Much love.


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