I was out the other day shooting signs of spring; there was this garage, and it was pretty too.

Regina, Saskatchewan garage in color-corrected light turquoise

Color partly by some paint company, augmented by
quite a few years of Prairie weather. Isn’t it pretty?

The reason I’m writing this is that it’s the first time in years I’ve had to put significant work into color repair on a Fujifilm pic. Because the version above looks just like what I saw. But out of the camera, it looked like this:

Regina, Saskatchewan garage in light turquoise, no color correction

Back in my Pentax days, I got pretty slick with the Lightroom white-balance apparatus, which is itself pretty slick. But in my four Fujifilm years I’m not sure I’ve touched them.

Well, I did on that one. It didn’t work; I found another way:

  1. White balance: as shot.

  2. Exposure: -0.25 (fight that glare).

  3. Highlights: -15 (fight some more).

  4. Shadows: +10 (boost the shady side).

  5. Saturation: +33 (the colors weren’t wrong, they were just washed-out).

  6. Blue: -20 (sky was overexcited). At this point things were better but still not what I’d seen. Time for the secret weapon.

  7. Profile: Velvia/VIVID (smiles).

I don’t know who it was at Fujifilm and Adobe that got those film treatments into Lightroom, but I sure owe them thanks. I don’t use one that often, but so great to have it.


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From: Bradley (Mar 21 2017, at 19:54)

Just a hunch, but that looks like a color likely to be at the edge or outside of the color gamut of sRGB. Even if you're shooting+editing in wider spaces like Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB, it could be pushing the limits of your display (which I'm assuming isn't 100% coverage of any of the above, unless you're well invested in display tech).


From: tedder (Mar 21 2017, at 21:01)

literal bikeshedding :)


From: Kevin Marks (Mar 22 2017, at 00:50)

Have you tried the android camera app Vignette that has these kinds of film profiles instead of coy place-names names like instagram?


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