Most places know four seasons, but for the most intense experience of spring you really come Up North. I’m in Saskatchewan visiting my Mom, went for a short walk in the park behind her house, and came back with pictures of the experience.

Most obviously, the snow is retreating.

Prairie spring - retreating snow

With the melting and freezing of early spring, some of the snow is now crumbly puddled ice, which is melting in the cold March sun, and faster given an excuse.

Leaf melts spring ice in the prairie spring

An excuse for a little Physics Moment with my ten-year-old: “Hey girl, why did the ice melt over the leaf?”

But that ice is being attacked from below as above; see the blades of grass straining away? Some green is already showing.

Prairie ice melting in spring

That ice, it’s a treat for the eye as it melts.

Melting snow on the prairies in spring

Having said that, it’s still not much above 0°C and there’s a brisk wind. But at 50.45° N, the oncoming spring is not to be denied.


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