Regular readers will know that I have a thing about low-light photography. My new photo-toy is the Nexus 5X and I’ve the urge to push it further into the dark than it really wants to go.

Southbound approach to the Cambie Bridge

Yes, the wide-angle is bending the building a bit; but it’s getting help from the architect. #Bike2WorkPix. 1/35sec at ISO 725.

I remember, all those years ago, when the original Nikon D3 came out, the first digital camera that could see just as well as you in the dark. They more or less all can, these days.

East False Creek

That’s a little corner of the mighty Pacific.
#Bike2WorkPix, 1/19 sec at ISO 1318.

So, while I still like the shades and textures of dusk and winter, there’s less challenge to it, with a real camera.

West Georgia Street

Vancouver downtown, no HDR! 1/25sec, ISO 452.

Ah, but the Nexus; it can’t go even as far as ISO1600 and it’s not among the select few handsets with optical image stabilization. The lens is said to be F2, which isn’t terrible. So it’s about striving for a steady hand or, better, finding something to brace against or, best, good luck

Community Heating

It’s both a community thermal project and an art piece. #Bike2WorkPix 1/25sec at ISO 970.

But at the end of the day — which is when low-light pix happen — it’s really mostly about finding things that deserve pointing the phone at.

Night train flip phone

The long slow night train from Seattle to Vancouver; this dude had an old-school flip-phone but it supported an active social life, via SMS I imagine. I love this picture. 1/25sec, ISO 1058.


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From: Gowri (Feb 10 2016, at 22:42)

What camera app do you use for the manual controls?


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