We’re having an election, one that’s more entertaining than usual, and while our politics in Canada are in general a little saner than our southern neighbors’ (and our elections mercifully shorter), we shouldn’t get too smug; here’s the evidence.

Tory anti-jihad pamphlet

This turd showed up on my doorstep, apparently an effort to convince me to vote for the Conservative (“Tory”, we say) candidate.

That is, the candidate of the currently-governing party; which apparently thinks that the citizens of central Vancouver are frightened of hypothetical local jihadis, and approve of us joining other rich countries in dropping bombs on the Middle East.

Notice the local candidate’s name? Me neither (it’s on the other side though).

I’m going to spare you the rants about the absence of a scary local terrorists (the ones who have emerged are disorganized dope-addled morons), the dangerous futility of cranking up surveillance to stop them, and the complete absence, over the centuries, of good results produced by Western military operations against Arabs.

What’s really noteworthy here is the monumental out-of-touch cluelessness of whoever thought it was a good idea to carpet-bomb central Vancouver with these love-letters to war. Who’s in charge over at Tory HQ? And can we please, please, chase these idiots out of office?


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From: Art (Sep 19 2015, at 14:37)

Wow, so dog whistle.

That flyer happily conflates Iran with ISIS, despite their being sworn enemies. Is it cynical or does the candidate really not know the difference?


From: Andy (Sep 22 2015, at 15:07)

A bit off-topic, but close: I wonder what your opinion is about the site C dam in NE BC. I'm a USian, but have friends in the Peace River valley (their family actually got flooded out once before by the Bennett dam). What do the Vancouver residents think of the hydro politics, if at all, and would non-Tories have a different policy?


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