It’s been long and hot, this summer, so it’s easy to like Cottage-Life days that are less bright and high and blue and green.

On a deck overlooking Howe Sound, the structure of the view is all curvy mountains and towering evergreens and then the separate blues of sky and sea. I love it, but recently we hosted a relative I’m fond of who’s been struggling with mental-health issues, who after a few hours couldn’t take it and asked to leave: “Too much light and space.” And yeah, there’s as much as anyone could take.

But grey days are different. Looking over the Sound, you’re in a room: Grey sea floor, grey-green mountain walls, grey cloud ceiling. It’s a really big room. This picture captures maybe a little of that.

The Great Grey Room

That picture is pretty well straight-outta-the-cam. Below, I dress one up a bit (but haven’t touched the color sliders).

Dark clouds/mountain treatment

Of course, you can just wait, and then even on a pretty dark day you might get a breakthrough from the local star.

Sun on cloudy mountains
· · ·
Sun streaming over mountains

This great grey room we live in, it has wildlife. But you have to look close to see it.

Spider against grey
· · ·
Clouds over mountain, with bird

These two, unlike the pictures above, are B&W treatments.
To see the wildlife, you might have to expand that second one.

We had friends over and lunched endlessly, sheltered from the drizzle under the great cedars. After, the kids swam endlessly off the dock in the rain.


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From: ebenezer (Aug 13 2015, at 17:25)

I am one of the weird types that actually _enjoys_ the gray and is cheered by the prospect of winter. Photos such as these are among my favorite kind, and these are well done—thank you. (I think the third might be the stuff of dropped jaws.)


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