It happens Saturday, November 15th, 2014. Here’s how I’m voting.

There’s one vote for mayor, a bunch for council, a bunch for Park Board, and another bunch for School Board. I’m not voting a full slate; I’m only voting for people I have feelings about. This is called “plumping”; I believe psephologists say it increases the power of your vote.

Mayor: Gregor Robertson · I’ve heard Meena Wong speak a couple of times and she’s probably closer to me politically, but Gregor Robertson gets my vote anyhow; here’s why:

  1. It’s actually close, and I’m unimpressed with Kirk Lapointe. This guy’s highest life achievement is middle management in the newspaper business — famous for being badly run — and his big idea is counterflow lanes.

    Historically, the NPA was a West-of-Granville old-boys’ club, way right of centre. Maybe they’re not that any more, but I haven’t seen any evidence.

  2. With Gregor, you know what you’re gonna get; loads of energy into Greenest-City and fight-homelessness, and what looks to me like reasonably competent management. He’s obviously not in it for the money. I’ve seen him work up close and I’m impressed.

  3. I’m seriously on board with the World’s Greenest City 2020 thing. Vancouver’s already beautiful and livable. The biggest problems are low pay, drugs, and homelessness; and I frankly don’t think the city government has much more leverage on any of those things than they’ve already been applying.

    So, let’s try for something else that’s special, and I can’t think of a better special thing than leadership in trying to head off the single greatest danger my species faces.

City Council · From Vision: Kerry Jang, Geoff Meggs, Andrea Reimer, Niki Sharma, Tim Stevenson. They’re the ones who’ve crossed my radar; it’s perfectly possible they have others who are excellent but I just haven’t noticed.

Adrienne Carr for the Greens. And that’s it.

School Board · The only one I’ve seen operate is Vision’s Patti Bacchus and I liked what I saw, so she’s my only vote.

Park Board · Stuart Mackinnon and Michael Wiebe, because they’re from the Greens. Why would you vote for anyone on Parks who’s not a Green?


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From: doug steele (Nov 13 2014, at 20:01)

Tim, if I didn't live in Sechelt, I'd be voting exactly as you are. Thanks for the article.


From: Johnny (Nov 14 2014, at 14:15)

I think your plumping increases the power of others' votes; or reversely - others' plumping is increasing the power of your vote. Or is there more to it?


From: Bram Stolk (Nov 15 2014, at 12:23)

So what did you vote on the backside?

"Can we circumvent bylaws, and borrow a couple hundred million dollar for parks, bridges, community centres?" Y/N


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