Our Cottage Life happens on an island mostly covered by temperate rainforest. Not old-growth (that’s hard to come by these days); but logged a hundred years back, so the trees are big. Such forests have qualities of light that make me happy but are hard to photograph.

This is about as close as I’ve come.

Keats Island forest

The undergrowth is usually pretty thick, but there is the occasional glade.

Glade in a Keats Island forest

Most trees are evergreen: Cedar, Fir, Hemlock. But here and there you’ll see a Bigleaf Maple; perhaps my favorite among all trees. Their size is remarkable and their leaves catch that forest like like no others.

Bigleaf Maple on Keats Island

These forests are very good places to take a walk, especially if you’re carrying a camera.


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From: Dave Pawson (Aug 25 2014, at 00:06)

Have you been there really early, or tried dusk light? Those sunbeams seem exaggerated then.


From: John Cowan (Aug 25 2014, at 08:20)

Big-leaved it may be, but I bet you can't wipe your butt on them. See <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acer_pensylvanicum#Cultivation_and_uses>.


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