We did an opening-up overnighter; another year of Cottage Life has begun! Attentive readers will have noticed that I’ve become a Fujifilm fanboi, but at the cabin I’m still a proud Pentaxian, because my longest Fuji lens only goes to 55mm and things on the island are further away. So let’s see what you can do with bigger glass.

First of all, you can point the mighty Pentax DA* 50-135 f/2.8 (which, objectively speaking, is still probably the best lens I’ve ever owned) at sharp-looking boats.

Sharp-looking boat on Howe Sound
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Sharp-looking boat on Howe Sound

Another option is to wait for the sun to get low — I find that a bottle of good white wine helps — then prop a ridiculous antique like the Tokina SL-400 f5.6 on your knee and point it at faraway objects, large and small.

Faraway mountains across Howe Sound
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A buoy in the Howe Sound

By the way, big news: After a couple years’ absence, our eagle neighbors are back! Brought to mind by this lens, the only one I’ve ever used successfully for bald-eagle photography. I observed behavior suggesting the arrival of little eagles before too long, so stand by.

And while on the subject of living things, here’s my daughter walking a mossy log. The next picture has her face-up in the ferns after she fell off, yelling “It’s not funny!” — it’s great, but I don’t do my kids’ faces here.

Girl walks on mossy log on Keats Island

That was on a walk in the woods, during which I pointed the D-FA 100mm f/2.8 at surround bits, both grim and verdant.

Tree growing on the corpse of another on Keats Island
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Moss on Keats Island

That’s the shadow of an early fern frond on the moss.

I’m glad we got the trip in, because now the weather forecast has nothing but rain.


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From: HUb (Apr 17 2014, at 19:01)

You should try to get a Pentax-K adapter mount for the Fuji.

I got one for the Canon FD glass I have and the 135mm is quite nice on this.


From: Mag (Apr 17 2014, at 20:47)

I have seen a lot of expressions go across that face. I can imagine several of the possibilities lying in those ferns.


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