Week ending Sunday 2013/08/18

Monday 07:10 · Federation Conversation: Who learns what? Warning: Lots of detail! Take-away: “Choice is good.” [Original.]

Monday 07:53 · @sil So, are there *any* IDPs you would trust? Suppose it were a university; or professional society; or driver’s-license office. [Original, responding to @sil.]

Monday 08:05 · @sil Ain’t gonna comment on FB, but figuring out how to build trust is obviously a big deal. [Original, responding to @sil.]

Monday 09:59 · Shorter Phil Zimmerman: Surveillance is a policy problem, not a technology problem: gigaom.com/2013/08/11/zimmermanns-law-pgp-inventor-and-silent-circle-co-founder-phil-zimmermann-on-the-surveillance-society/ Damn straight. [Original.]

Monday 13:06 · @seanmonstar After I implement a Persona RP, and figure out what I’d have to do to implement an IDP, then I’ll have an educated opinion. [Original, responding to @seanmonstar.]

Monday 13:07 · @seanmonstar But having said that, given all the other tracking stuff, IDPs learning about sign-events doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. [Original, responding to @seanmonstar.]

Monday 13:44 · @seanmonstar Will code it on my own testbed. Will ask for help if stuck. Will have a Conversations piece about Persona. [Original, responding to @seanmonstar.]

Monday 15:57 · RT @RonJeffries: “@garybernhardt: type `whois t.co/Oo0IsuY46d` into your shell right now” [ LOL ] [Original.]

Monday 15:58 · Has whois spam been a thing for years? Try whois google dot com [Original.]

Monday 22:55 · @gnat Have you read the Sandman Slim books? Because that tweet sounded like an out-take. Give ’em a try. [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Monday 23:16 · RT @pkedrosky: Riveting, awful & powerful: New collection of Japan tsunami footage from 2011 www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gh3JrdL-Zg&utm_source=buffer&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=buffer22e03&utm_medium=twitter#at=111 [Original.]

Monday 23:39 · @jyhsu Wait till your little one's a toddler and picks up the ones the cat drops #reallyhappened [Original, responding to @jyhsu.]

Tuesday 05:46 · @kevinmarks @sil As long as the app has your email, the IDP can't cut you off. [Original, responding to @kevinmarks.]

Tuesday 05:53 · @sil @kevinmarks No. If you lose an IDP, you figure out a Plan B, then move people over. But only if you have their emails. [Original, responding to @sil.]

Tuesday 06:06 · We're gonna do some of the juicier bits of the Federation Conversation on live YouTube, Thu morning - https://t.co/b3rTgeFRGk [Original.]

Tuesday 06:48 · @sil @kevinmarks Yep, exactly. [Original, responding to @sil.]

Tuesday 07:14 · Hey @yvrairport, your Wi-Fi is unusable this morning. Fix it or quit advertising it. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:06 · Chromecast: acquired. [Original.]

Tuesday 13:11 · @becomingajock At the ’pled. Bought from another Googler. [Original, responding to @becomingajock.]

Tuesday 13:19 · @koush Did you ask Reto or any of those guys? [Original, responding to @koush.]

Tuesday 13:52 · @blaine @kevinmarks @sil I think that everyone should have their own webspace under their own control. And a pony. [Original, responding to @blaine.]

Tuesday 14:00 · @TonyTha1AndOnly @koush Careful what you wish on the guy, messiahs often come to messy ends. [Original, responding to @TonyTha1AndOnly.]

Tuesday 14:34 · @blaine @kevinmarks @sil Perhaps related to the experience of having sat near a large-attack-surface identity group? [Original, responding to @blaine.]

Tuesday 15:16 · Already got some moderator questions for our live show Thursday: [Original.]

Tuesday 15:22 · @defrag Damn, looks great. [Original, responding to @defrag.]

Tuesday 15:28 · @defrag Hm, just had a november cancellation so not impossible. Would have to think of something new to talk about I guess. [Original, responding to @defrag.]

Tuesday 20:29 · The KCAL baseball goober is distinctive and not bad at all. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:32 · RT @ID_AA_Carmack: I nearly fell into the "boolean trap" ariya.ofilabs.com/2011/08/hall-of-api-shame-boolean-trap.html three times while writing one new code file. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:15 · Just drop whatever you’re doing and drop by Tim O’Brien’s G+ stream. Do it now. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:31 · @hfiguiere What happens when you click that URL? [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Tuesday 21:33 · @pkedrosky You talk to her. Everything follows from that. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Wednesday 08:36 · Useful little piece on tightening up privacy settings (but omits Facebook): strom.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/privacy-settings/ [Original.]

Wednesday 08:48 · I accidentally dropped by Aaronland this morning and burned 20min or so starting with www.aaronland.info/weblog/2013/07/25/verb/#quantified Well-spent, I think. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:07 · In 24 hours, live YouTube Federation Conversation. Interesting questions already in the Moderator, add & upvote: [Original.]

Wednesday 11:11 · @BWJones Not convinced. There are still lots of players & not all of their interests are fully aligned, even in a single-payer system. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Wednesday 11:29 · How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance: tl;dr: It’s hard. [Original.]

Wednesday 18:40 · @knewter Getting my functional jollies from Go these days. Elixir looks cool though [Original, responding to @knewter.]

Wednesday 20:40 · WordPress is now an IDP. Welcome to the party! en.blog.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/introducing-wordpress-com-connect/ [Original.]

Thursday 06:49 · @AndrewCouts @DigitalTrends I drafted the IETF proposal. Hadn't seen the site, but smiling; thanks for the link. [Original, responding to @AndrewCouts.]

Thursday 08:34 · @adrianholovaty Hah, I remember getting static because I wouldn't go for the full-on “purple numbers” thing. [Original, responding to @adrianholovaty.]

Thursday 08:46 · @vtti God’s telling you to get a mirror less. [Original, responding to @vtti.]

Thursday 09:02 · @vtti You *know* you want one of those adorable little Panas or Olys or Fujis. [Original, responding to @vtti.]

Thursday 09:09 · Going live at the top of the hour. Will mostly take up the Moderator questions, since they’re good. [Original.]

Thursday 09:19 · @jaredhanson @kevinmarks @sil With current tech, generally either trust an IDP or not. FWIW both G & FB will IDP for arbitrary domains. [Original, responding to @jaredhanson.]

Thursday 09:20 · @jaredhanson OpenID Connect includes an email_verified boolean field in the interface, for that reason. [Original, responding to @jaredhanson.]

Thursday 09:23 · @jaredhanson That’s exactly why most RPs only deal with whitelisted IDPs. I suspect we’re stuck with that. [Original, responding to @jaredhanson.]

Thursday 09:25 · @jaredhanson I suppose one could imagine IDP-trustworthiness-certification-as-a-service? [Original, responding to @jaredhanson.]

Thursday 10:28 · @Avisian Skipped a question on that because it's a long, complex discussion. I think federated is *immensely* more secure, will write more. [Original, responding to @Avisian.]

Thursday 10:48 · @bryantcutler No prob, they were good questions. [Original, responding to @bryantcutler.]

Thursday 13:23 · 22 minutes of dialogue and Q&A on federation & its problems. Excellent questions from the Net. [Original.]

Thursday 16:49 · Today’s HTTP status 451 news: UK Open Rights group www.451unavailable.org/, media at www.digitaltrends.com/web/451-unavailable-campaign/ & motherboard.vice.com/blog/451-error-message-would-tell-users-when-governments-are-blocking-websites [Original.]

Thursday 16:53 · @rabble Mostly Open Rights Group’s nifty 451unavailable dot org, I think, aggregates known blockages. [Original, responding to @rabble.]

Friday 08:37 · @gklyne I’ve asked an AD to consider it for individual submission [Original, responding to @gklyne.]

Friday 08:41 · Advancing on all front in the war against passwords: allthingsd.com/20130816/motorola-creates-newfangled-way-to-securely-skip-the-password/ [Original.]

Friday 17:56 · Chromecast, it’s 5% of the way there: [Original.]

Friday 18:51 · @lemetatron Not really a problem in residential applications, or am I missing something? [Original, responding to @lemetatron.]

Friday 19:29 · @howlingeverett Hm… biometrics. When your fingerprint is compromised, how do you revoke it? [Original, responding to @howlingeverett.]

Saturday 08:46 · I suppose now that nearly everyone has a Mac, cmd-W can become shorthand for “what I'm looking at is displeasing” [Original.]

Saturday 08:50 · RT @ewiger: @timbray just ctrl+W'ed your mac :p [Original.]

Saturday 14:13 · @meyerweb Father of two, shuddering in sympathy. Hoping for good news. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Saturday 16:53 · @meyerweb So good to hear. Poor kid’s gonna take a while to recover from that kind of surgery. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Sunday 07:55 · @ndw Conventional approach is factory classes/methods. Welcome to dependency injection hell. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Sunday 15:17 · British police use terrorism law against someone two degrees of separation from a whistleblower. Any questions? arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/08/partner-of-the-guardians-nsa-leaks-reporter-is-detained-for-9-hours-at-airport/ [Original.]

Sunday 16:01 · Evidence keeps stacking up that the Fuji X sensor is something special: prometheus.med.utah.edu/~bwjones/2013/08/fuji-x-series-cameras-for-astrophotography/ [Original.]

Sunday 16:04 · That special pleasure when you face a nasty little problem, but happen to have the perfect tool on hand. [Original.]

Sunday 16:05 · Oh, and a reciprocating saw is almost always the perfect tool. [Original.]

Sunday 20:45 · @AllysonMcGrane Leave Monday to Monday; there’s lots of Sunday left [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

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