On Sunday I wrote On Medium about writing on Medium, after I posted a rewrite there of a piece I wrote about Texas politics. Now let’s write about that.

At the point I wrote On Medium, my blog had 1250 reads of the original piece, not counting those who might’ve read it in my feed. The Medium version had had 455 reads.

Today, the numbers are 1560 for my blog (feed-exclusive) and 1700 or so at Medium. But today, I glanced at the stats and got a shock: the meta-piece had 13.3K feed-exclusive reads. Huh? A bit of poking around reveals that those folks had mostly come from a Hacker News thread, where there’s worthwhile discussion of blogging in general and Medium in particular.

I’m hoping something interesting falls out of this so I can write again at four levels of meta. Texas politics... where’s that again?


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From: Mark (Jul 02 2013, at 20:24)

Just. Stop.


From: Jacek Kopecky (Jul 07 2013, at 11:26)

oh no, please don't stop - whatever made you write meta-pieces, it's always been quite interesting to this reader.


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