It was my turn to do the dishes and I needed a little extra energy, so I cued up Spanish Key from Bitches Brew. The 7-year old was table-clearing, the 14-year-old drying, and after a bit they were both bopping along with Miles and the band.

Bitches Brew

I just can’t listen to that music in a simple way, my mind keeps going “Wayne Shorter just did what?” or “Yow, 3 measures of pure hard-bop” or “Ease off on the wah-wah, John”.

But the kids are teaching me: You don’t have to know the subtext or the context, nor need any pretexts, to want to shake your butt.

For them, this is just cleanup music and it doesn’t matter what went before or came after. Nobody would call it pure anything; but hey, it’s got a good beat, you could dance to it.

I suppose it’s possible there are one or two people out there who don’t know about Bitches Brew. If you buy it and you don’t like it, the problem is you not the music.


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From: Artem (Jul 02 2013, at 20:53)

Not sure if you like this kind of jazz, but I recently stumbled upon this one -

The more I listen to it the more perfect it seems. Kids might find it boring though :-)


From: Erik (Jul 03 2013, at 10:05)

If you don't know it, this version of Spanish Key (Live at Isle of Wight 1970) is amazing:


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