Just some pretty pixels, no thematic or narrative distractions here.

I think I know which flower this is. But the plant’s hanging up in the air and that doesn’t look like sky behind it. Mystery. The grainy green makes me smile.

Pretty in Pink

I have a thing for white bricks, just can’t resist pointing cameras at them. It’s the formalism I guess. Only I can’t remember taking the picture. Heuristics and the timestamp suggest it’s somewhere round The Drive. Mystery.

White bricks again

One of my kids was fooling around with the camera in the back seat, and I was OK with that because bits are free and silence is golden. And sometimes the free bits aren’t bad. The car’s a ten-year-old Audi station wagon, but I’m clueless what the kid might have been pointing out the window at. Mystery.

By a kid


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From: Ross Reedstrom (Aug 08 2012, at 15:30)

Perhaps the photpgrapher in the last picture was appreciating the interesting low-angle magenta (red?) lighting, and wasn't pointing out the window at all.

My eldest used to hijack the camera and show and interesting perspective on things.


From: Tony Fisk (Aug 09 2012, at 18:26)

My daughter likes to make videos with her toys.

PS: next time you feel like some DSLR retail therapy, this accessory might be of interest: http://www.peakdesignltd.com/


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