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Hating iMovie · I took a movie of my son read­ing a sto­ry he’d writ­ten, as part of a mul­ti­me­dia pre­sen­ta­tion for school. I shot it with my Pen­tax K-5 and the 50-135 F2.8, by can­dle­light (y­ou can do things with mod­ern SLRs that Kubrick had to have lens­es custom-built for at huge ex­pense). Wel­l, and “by candlelight” I mean twen­ty or so tea-lights. When I pulled the AVIs in­to iMovie, the qual­i­ty was rav­ish­ing, the fire­light flick­er­ing on his creamy 12-year-old skin. When I ex­port­ed the fin­ished pro­duc­t, no mat­ter how many times I twid­dled the Quick­Time and oth­er ex­port set­tings, it looked rather pret­ty, but omit­ted all the sub­tle­ty of tone and thus most of the beau­ty in what the cam­era had cap­tured. So I went search­ing around the Net and yep, ev­ery­one agrees that iMovie ex­port qual­i­ty is the shitz. I guess it’s Fi­nal Cut Ex­press and its thousand-page man­u­al (y­ou think I jest?) for any fu­ture video pro­ject­s.
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