Not just any place, but BC Place, our local football stadium, which got a welcome refresh last year and is lit up in colors that change from night to night; it’s nestled among buildings and there are very few (any?) places where you can see the whole thing. But after dark, you keep getting surprised by bits of it from here and there around town.

BC Place stadium in violet from the east

I must look up who designed this and think kind thoughts; it’s improved my city.


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From: Mike (Mar 28 2012, at 06:22)

They redid the lighting on the CN Tower here in Toronto, with pretty advanced LED (I assume) lighting all up the sides and around the top. They can do moving patterns and stuff which are pretty slick (example: moving rainbow pattern during Pride week, etc). It's certainly an improvement over what was there before.


From: John Dougan (Apr 02 2012, at 16:29)

Wow. Impressive. And now you've got me all homesick...


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