This is an event, a new idea I believe, an after-dark thing in an old now-fashionable brick-warehouse neighborhood. We went down to check it out, and before we got to the actual illuminations, ran across a hat shop party. [Update: The band was Maria in the Shower.]

Hat shop party

This was in the Goorin Brothers shop, which isn’t terrible; I’ve bought a couple of hats there.

There were some pretty sharp-dressed people there, looking good.

Hat shop party

Live entertainment was from Maria in the Shower; a hat band; sort of like a hair band only different. They were excellent.

Maria in the Shower at the hat shop party

They were giving away glasses of very decent gin and vodka punch to all comers, and I tell ya, I’ll go to a hat shop party any time. Plus, each of the ladies in our expedition bought a hat.

The first actual illumination we ran across was a pair of dancers with neon hula hoops.

Neon hula hoop dancer

Some of the illuminations were on the buildings. I thought the concept better than the execution, but still, I’m glad I saw it.

Illuminated Yaletown building

Finally, there were ice sculptures.

Illuminated ice sculpture in Yaletown

I think Illuminate is a really good idea; I hope they do it again next year, bigger brighter and louder.


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From: Parveen Kaler (Feb 12 2012, at 17:53)

Hi Tim,

This was actually the second year for Illuminate Yaletown. I also wish it were a little more grand. I think part of the reason for that is that one of the larger buildings on Mainland/Hamilton is being restored. That puts a big hole in the festivities.

I also wish that it was scheduled for a little less rainy month.


From: Bud Gibson (Feb 12 2012, at 19:13)

I really like the neon hoola hoop and the building. Both were sort of unusual and energetic.


From: Tom Magliery (Feb 15 2012, at 16:44)

Lots of photos from Illuminate Yaletown here in their flickr group:


From: Anand Mani (Feb 16 2012, at 16:36)

The name of the band that you photographed is "Maria in the Shower". Very talented and engaging.


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