It snowed last week and, come the weekend, it’d stayed cold and dry enough to leave some on the ground. I went out for a walk with my daughter, both of us carrying cameras.

Autumn leaf on snowy ground
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Autumn leaf on snowy ground

The first is by me, the second by the girl, who is almost 5½.


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From: ebenezer (Nov 24 2011, at 19:14)

The second one is truly beautiful. It is an excellent catch indeed.


From: Jim Harvie (Nov 24 2011, at 19:54)

Well if its a competition the kid kicked your butt;)


From: Bud Gibson (Nov 25 2011, at 07:14)

You have better contrast and your daughter a nice sense of composition.


From: Richard (Nov 25 2011, at 14:48)

Nice pictures, though I hope this winter isn't as snowy as the last - I fell over enough times then!


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