Roppongi is a district in Tokyo that I don’t much like; Roppongi Hills is a glistening temple of ultramodernism that I can’t avoid because the Google offices are there. It’s all very nicely done but flavorless in an international way. I will say that, particularly now with the Tokyo International Film Festival in progress, there are more drop-dead cool outfits (for both genders) walking around than I’ve seen in one place for a long time.

Anyhow, here’s a picture of one of its towers at night.

A tower in Roppongi Hills, looking up

It looks better if you click for full-size, and this is a rarity among my pictures, one that really needs the biggest possible screen, or even better, a big sheet of paper, to avoid the slight moire affect at the top.


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From: Kanjo (Oct 31 2011, at 05:24)

Roppongi has been going downhill for a long time. It never ceases to amaze me that people actually shop and eat there when they could get better deals, better food and better service elsewhere.


From: Adil Hindistan (Nov 02 2011, at 20:16)

I worked in that building for a week as I was visiting my company offices there years ago. Unlike you, Tim, I loved RH, as I enjoy such ultramodern environments. This is a great picture, thanks for sharing.


From: Mike (Nov 04 2011, at 03:16)

Before, the Aoyama Book Center in Roppongi was the place to go for art and design related books, as well as many other niches, while Kinokuniya in Shinjuku (the east exit one at that time) was the other great English language bookstore.

ABC is still nice, but it was a little sad dropping by there after many years, knowing that its days are probably numbered, and knowing I'd never want to buy, read and store a big paper book again.


From: Paul Saxman (Nov 06 2011, at 13:42)

Very nice photo. I'm also not a fan of Roppongi, primarily because there's very little that's pre-21st century Japan there. It's alright if you want to get coffee at Starbucks, or buy a Louis Vuitton handbag, but not particularly interesting if you're looking for a taste of Japan. Well, you can see how the top 1% in Japan dine and shop, or how expats have fun in Japan, but otherwise, it's nothing to write home about. Tokyo Midtown has the same feel for me.


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