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4G Performance Silliness · I was scan­ning the mobile-tech news and saw a sto­ry on a per­for­mance shootout be­tween the LTE im­ple­men­ta­tions from Ver­i­zon and AT&T; I skipped by the link and can’t find it now, but that’s OK be­cause I’m here to de­bunk it ...
Windows Cold Call · Re­cent­ly, it’s been hap­pen­ing over and over: the phone rings af­ter din­ner and a call-center pick­up sys­tem switch­es in a per­son with a heavy South-Asian ac­cent who tells us that there is a prob­lem with our Win­dows sys­tem, and of­fers help ...
Use the Source! · I’m work­ing on an An­droid app and the doc­u­men­ta­tion didn’t stop me mak­ing a stupid mis­take. If it weren’t open-source, that might have been a prob­lem ...
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