In Vancouver, “the Drive” means Commercial Drive; Hey look, a street with its own Web site! We took some visiting relatives out for gelati on a recent quiet Monday evening, and I brought the camera along.

Dolce Amore is just an ice-cream shop, but Vancouver may not have a better one. I can’t manage more than two scoops these days, but we were with three big twentysomething Albertans who flirted with the waitresses and inhaled three-scoop towers in gelato-flavor combinations that I found frankly perverted.

Dolce Amore, gelati on the Drive in Vancouver

In the old days, the Drive was our own Little Italy, and to this day you can get a damn good espresso while you watch Serie A on the satellite TV. Many of those watching these days are of east-African extraction. Some are just random hipsters.

Random hipster on the Drive in Vancouver

These days, the Drive is about lesbians, leftists, and good food. I recommend this combination as a basis for a successful neighborhood anywhere.

The Drive in Vancouver, cars at night

Low-light photography is so easy these days. When I was a kid we had to fling individual photons at the Tri-X and try for an even grain pattern.


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From: sasha (Sep 08 2011, at 00:51)

Hi Tim,

I haven't been home for a few years. Is that gelateria where the neon green deli used to be? I always loved that place.

I have a friend who wanted for years to live in the apartments above the neon deli. (Bay windows!) When he eventually got an apartment in the building he was driven bonkers by the bongo players who congregated in front of the health food store across the street. It was a short tenancy. Somethings are better loved from afar.



From: Todd Gruben (Sep 08 2011, at 06:40)

Care to enlighten a fan on the "easy low light" process? How did you shoot the night traffic photo?


From: Eric H (Sep 08 2011, at 07:30)

> When I was a kid we had to fling individual photons at the Tri-X and try for an even grain pattern.

You try telling that to today's young people -- and they won't believe you.


From: Hub (Sep 10 2011, at 20:16)

Todd, low light in digital is as simple as bumping the ISO to 1600 or 3200 and shooting. Possibly with a fast prime lens.

Before, either you had 1600 ISO color negative (not always available or not always pleasing), Tri-X B&W you pushed at development or Ilford Delta 3200.... or whatever you had. Also you had to make sure you shot the whole roll before you next daylight outdoor excursion.


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