I like to walk around and take pictures. My little girl, turning five next month, desperately wants to be part of anything that’s going on. So lately, I’ve been giving her the little pocket Canon while we’re out and about. Somewhat to my surprise, she’s into it, taking hundreds of snaps. It turns out they include a few smile-provokers.

No, I’m not going to do a lengthy slide-show here. But when I look at them (of course after having triaged the total blurs and cat butts), I share a certain joy; someone who’s just pointing a camera at anything that looks neat without overthinking it.

Here are two, and another 20 are on Flickr.

Photographer turns 5 next month
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Photographer turns 5 next month

I’m pretty sure the second one here is shot down her pants-leg, but I’m not sure.


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From: Scott Hanson (May 30 2011, at 00:18)

Yes, matching socks are _so_ overrated.


From: Alan Hargreaves! (May 30 2011, at 01:00)

I'd have to say she has a great eye for composition Tim.


From: Gilles Gravier (May 30 2011, at 01:47)


This is very fun. My daughter also "inherited" my old Canon pocket camera. It's amazing to see what kids "see" as interesting enough to take a snapshot of.

An interesting point to notice is that the shots are taken at kids height... so perspective is different than most shots taken by adults.



From: Joe P. (May 30 2011, at 03:38)

I gave my daughter a camera last year when she was five and she loves to take pictures of her feet too. Funny.


From: Jean Hsu (May 30 2011, at 09:58)

She sure likes her feet! Nice socks =)


From: Edward (Jun 02 2011, at 07:09)

I loved the picture with the yellow table, just because it's somehow ordinary but from a different eye-level than I'm used to.


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