This is a rhododendron, a very red one. Often they’re hard to photograph because their redness enters a space that’s welcomed by the human eye but stresses out camera sensors. That didn’t happen here; not sure whether it’s because it was kind of cloudy and grey, or maybe the camera sensors are evolving, or maybe this flower’s redness is subtly different.

Red rhododendron blossom

On another subject, the problem scheduling the Google IO sessions is sort of like X simultaneous equations in Y variables, which would be fine except that Y is so much bigger than X.


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From: Malcolm Tredinnick (Apr 14 2011, at 00:54)

Sounds like you're fine on the scheduling problem, then. It will admit multiple solutions. So quit complainig. :-)

(Where you'd be really screwed is with more equations than variables, when no solution might be possible.)


From: Kenneth J Hughes (Apr 14 2011, at 04:57)

Over vs Under Constrained

More variables than equations is under-constrained. Whack variables, or add constraints. Had you had more equations than variables, you'd have to do the reverse.

The funny part is that if the numbers of variables and equations matched up, their single solution would have seemed as beautiful as a red rhododendron, yet really it's all in the decision of variables and their relationships.


From: Ian Barnes (Apr 14 2011, at 06:51)

If X >> Y you should have many spare degrees of freedom, it's Y > X that generally causes difficulty...

... except of course that timetabling problems aren't really all that much like simultaneous linear equations. Isn't timetabling NP-complete?


From: Roger (Apr 16 2011, at 23:40)

Check the red channel histogram of the image - you probably didn't blow out the red channel, as often occurs, although the color balance of this image appears to be slightly off. A small grey card is handy when taking close-ups to assist in adjusting the final color balance.


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