I have always-running searches for “Android sucks” and “Android rocks” that I look at a couple of times a day; I find them very useful for gauging the general zeitgeist. Anyhow, one of them accidentally has been giving me a real-time panorama of the world of Twitter spam; depressing, but impressive in its scale. Check it out.


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From: duomark (Mar 15 2011, at 11:19)

This is a useful discovery. I am planning to create a real-time search tool and uncovering clusters like this should be one of its goals.


From: Dan (Mar 15 2011, at 11:21)

but they are all so hot!


From: walter (Mar 15 2011, at 11:23)

yikes. they seem to be porn stars.


From: Steve Pomeroy (Mar 15 2011, at 15:33)

All of them seem spammy except for one, mikedgDroid, who appears to be a real person. <conspiracy>Connection? or perhaps someone is trying to get indirect link traffic?</conspiracy>


From: rabble (Mar 15 2011, at 21:05)

You're a wonderful moron!

Sorry, i just had to try it.


From: Dirk Haun (Mar 16 2011, at 04:24)

@duomark: Check any trending topic. You'll easily find several supposedly female posters, all tweeting the same text with a URL to some spammy site. They're so predictable, it should almost be possible to automate reporting them. Actually, since they are bots that shouldn't be surprising :)


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