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Letter Sweep · I’d typed the first let­ter of some URL in­to the ad­dress win­dow when I was in­ter­rupt­ed. Look­ing back a mo­ment lat­er, I was star­tled at what the brows­er had as­sumed I want­ed to vis­it ...
On Input · I can’t re­place my com­put­er with an An­droid hand­set or tablet, and the rea­son isn’t pow­er or speed or screen size or bat­tery life. The big prob­lem is in­put: get­ting my ideas, most­ly in the form of tex­t, in­to the de­vice and on­to the Net. I ex­pect rapid progress on this fron­t; here­with a short sur­vey and my own pro­pos­al ...
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