Las Ramblas are a chain of nice wide tree-lined Barcelona boulevards, mostly touristy now. This is a picture of one late at night, wet and uncrowded.

La Rambla at night after a rainstorm

You might want to enlarge that one for a sense of the scene.


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From: John Eadie (Feb 20 2011, at 07:32)

I used to resent you a bit Tim, but find it illuminating and evocative to take your heart to mine on some of your posts. As I said elsewhere, it's the Canadian grammar and intention.

Nice photo. Not all are, but the stream is appreciated. Take care. Especially of your young one. I'm "bothandeach" on Twitter.

Take care.


From: Rob Koberg (Feb 20 2011, at 21:11)

I have read your blog for a while. This is the best picture you have posted, IMhO.


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