At the Honeycomb event today, I was immensely pleased to hear both Andy Rubin and Chris Yerga shout-out to the engineers; Andy followed up on Twitter. I just wanted to say that I’ve been in this business coming up on three decades, and had the pleasure of working with many software legends. The Android platform team is the most accomplished I’ve ever been close to. Not just by a little bit, either.


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From: Peter (Feb 02 2011, at 20:51)

Maybe so but the Market continues to look like some guys 20% project. Software is usually many times more complicated than it seems from the outside but I find it inexcusable that the market shows me applications that are not installable on my devices. Users shouldn't be expected to manually work out which apps are actually available in their country.


From: Tkil (Feb 02 2011, at 23:33)


For whatever it's worth, Apple's App Store has the same problem. My iPhone is one of the origanal 2G sets, so I can't install iOSv4 on it. The App Store search results are *not* filtered for that little issue, so more and more I'm trying to install things and getting a "not compatible" alert box.

Not saying it's good, but it's not unique to the Android Marketplace, either.


From: Peter (Feb 06 2011, at 07:19)

It is somewhat fixed now in that you can filter but it is not by default. Still not sure how it got released in that state. Google seems a little lost these days,maybe it is time for the next google to arrive (Facebook does NOT count).


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