Week ending Sunday 2010/11/28

Monday 16:27 · Colder in Vancouver than Iqaluit. That doesn't happen often. (via @penmachine) [Original.]

Monday 16:29 · @JulieLeung Maybe go get him. It's brutal out there. [Original, responding to @JulieLeung.]

Tuesday 08:55 · Arrived at Android sort-of-TDD: developer.android.com/guide/topics/testing/testing_android.html - it ain't no rspec/autotest, but way better than it was. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:56 · @spam check out @pilgrim276 [Original, responding to @pilgrim276.]

Tuesday 08:57 · Tweetspam informs me that Judgment Day is coming, May 21, 2011. That's definitive I guess. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:39 · What Android Is: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/11/14/What-Android-Is [Original.]

Tuesday 12:08 · @infil00p It's not developer-visible. I also skipped over device drivers. [Original, responding to @infil00p.]

Tuesday 13:25 · @rbanffy See www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2004/11/30/Lustrous [Original, responding to @rbanffy.]

Tuesday 19:23 · @brettschulte Happy Swype user [Original, responding to @brettschulte.]

Tuesday 19:34 · @brettschulte Not 100% there, irritating quirks. Fab on the Galaxy Tab. There are many alternate-IMEs out there. A fun space to watch. [Original, responding to @brettschulte.]

Tuesday 19:41 · L’Android Bar existe, il est à Tokyo: www.frandroid.com/48756/landroid-bar-existe-il-est-a-tokyo/ [Original.]

Tuesday 20:07 · Switched back to #oldTwitter - soooooooo much faster. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:10 · I enjoy these DPReview surveys. Any serious photog needs to have one of these three permanently pocketed: www.dpreview.com/reviews/Q42010highendcompactgroup/ [Original.]

Tuesday 20:30 · @hfiguiere Canon is a little more pocket-able. That seems important in this segment. (I have S90) [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Tuesday 20:31 · People of earth: this www.android.com/media/wallpaper/gif/android_logo.gif is a bugdroid. It has no other name. That is all. (via @jasonchen) (and is CC-licensed) [Original.]

Tuesday 20:34 · Travel kit: K20 body, 21/40mm pancake primes, Canon S90 for zoom. *Very* compact. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:46 · @lowbit shhhhh dammit. I no plans for a K-5. None at all, hear me!? [Original, responding to @lowbit.]

Tuesday 22:04 · Learn to identify the major robots! Optimus Prime: images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070103132144/transformers/images/thumb/8/83/IDWPrime_Earth.jpg/328px-IDWPrime_Earth.jpg R2D2: www.gadgetonian.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/r2d2_robot.jpg Bugdroid: www.android.com/media/wallpaper/gif/android_logo.gif via @morrildl [Original.]

Wednesday 10:41 · XML vs the Web: blog.jclark.com/2010/11/xml-vs-web_24.html [Original.]

Wednesday 13:07 · @AntiXian666 None taken. Will definitely check it out. [Original, responding to @AntiXian666.]

Wednesday 14:02 · @timburks Ooooh, don't talk dirty [Original, responding to @timburks.]

Wednesday 14:20 · The kind of sky big snow comes from [Original.]

Wednesday 23:12 · Bright early winter: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/11/24/Bright-Early-Winter [Original.]

Thursday 09:25 · Need the equiv of procmail for Twitter to discard all tweets matching /Daily is out!/ [Original.]

Thursday 09:45 · Vancouver falls apart in a sort of loveable way when snowed on. Pretty chaotic today. [Original.]

Thursday 10:28 · . @pkedrosky Good G&M piece, but I think the Aussie (esp Melbourne) bubble may be bubblier than ours. [Original.]

Thursday 10:46 · "Syntax matters, it’s programming language UI." brendaneich.com/2010/11/paren-free/ [Original.]

Thursday 11:22 · If you develop for Android, you need a bookmark something like file:///.../android-sdk-mac_86/docs/reference/classes.html [Original.]

Thursday 14:40 · @cyrusharmon Well, the lesson is clear: Developers like syntax, want more than S-expressions. Boggle or not, there's no dodging it. [Original, responding to @cyrusharmon.]

Thursday 15:06 · Happy Thanksgiving, Khirbet Yarza: www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/meast/11/25/mideast.village.demolitions/index.html [Original.]

Thursday 15:17 · A beautiful piece by Alex W-H; Death, Dining, and Sex: blog.alexwaterhousehayward.com/2010/11/death-dining-sex.html [Original.]

Friday 09:33 · Tomi's methodology has issues and some of his conclusions seem deeply wrong, but the numbers are interesting: communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2010/11/preview-of-mobile-stats-to-end-of-year-2010-52-billion-subscribers-350m-people-got-their-first-phone.html [Original.]

Friday 09:35 · Android design tip: upload fullscreen mocks to Dropbox & open them in the Db app for a pretty accurate UI preview. (via @romannurik) [Original.]

Friday 09:36 · 40% off @pragprog books today only - I like the ebooks in multiple formats w. automatic updates (via @laurendw) [Original.]

Friday 09:38 · Follow friday: twitter.com/timbray/favorites [Original.]

Friday 10:09 · Trouble with your business expenses? expenseasteak.com/ has the solution. #snicker [Original.]

Friday 21:20 · Enjoying the game, but actually San Jose is not nearly as bad as they look this evening #canucks [Original.]

Saturday 00:20 · "'Fun' is a word invented by advertising executives to sell soft drinks" [Original.]

Saturday 00:33 · That last tweetbite from Jah Wobble's "Rising Above Bedlam" [Original.]

Saturday 10:05 · Finally bought Twidroyd. Been using it since 2008. Also their new spinning ads were really #$&! irritating. [Original.]

Saturday 10:09 · #LazyWeb: Doing audio work on my Mac. Have .aif and .wav files, need to make .ogg. Coming up blank looking for tools... ideas? [Original.]

Saturday 10:31 · Wow, VLC will do it. VLC is only like the totally greatest piece of software ever. [Original.]

Saturday 10:54 · @Carnage4Life That one-for-one deal on the original Droid last summer was a home-run for VZW, I think. What a weird business. [Original, responding to @Carnage4Life.]

Saturday 14:09 · Teaching my phone to play West African rhythms. It's now faster than I am. android.media.SoundPool ftw: developer.android.com/reference/android/media/SoundPool.html [Original.]

Saturday 14:17 · @senagbe Guinea, mostly. Emulating a traditional 2-djembé/3-dundun band. [Original, responding to @senagbe.]

Saturday 15:36 · @k_day Seems well-suited to West-African percussion, lots of little short sounds being played fast [Original, responding to @k_day.]

Saturday 15:49 · I'm at SEAM DEAN ONUS ELBA (see 4 little words, blog.rabidgremlin.com.nyud.net/2010/11/28/4-little-words/) [Original.]

Saturday 20:03 · @owrange How else you ever going to learn to understand things that you don't yet? [Original, responding to @owrange.]

Sunday 00:15 · Current late-night unvinyl: Portishead live. Wish I'd been there. [Original.]

Sunday 13:49 · @bwhalley I just reject spammy comments. Why would I nofollow on the ones I accept? [Original, responding to @bwhalley.]

Sunday 13:56 · I think an occasional major leak of diplomatic correspondence is probably on balance good for the system. [Original.]

Sunday 14:24 · Aussie gov displays paralyzing stupidity: www.techradar.com/news/internet/australian-government-adds-wikileaks-to-banned-website-list-585894 [Original.]

Sunday 14:32 · @shaver ? [Original, responding to @shaver.]

Sunday 14:36 · Excellent interview with Wm Gibson AKA @GreatDismal: nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/09/vulture_transcript_william_gib.html [Original.]

Sunday 14:39 · Eagles & Bears are putting on a hell of a show. #NFLspud [Original.]

Sunday 14:48 · D'oh, I'm a moron, that Aussies-banning-links story was from early 2009. [Original.]

Sunday 15:07 · @olabini Basic classes like Hash and String and so on being open [Original, responding to @olabini.]

Sunday 15:39 · -5°C in Edmonton [Original.]

Sunday 19:58 · RIP Leslie Nielsen. Comedy is a higher art than tragedy; bursting through the window waving the statue's stone genitals... [Original.]

Sunday 21:56 · SAD therapy: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/11/28/Bloedel-Conservatory [Original.]

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