As previously related, I traveled last week from Montevideo to Buenos Aires on a bus/ferry combo operated by Buquebus. Here are a couple of pictures from the ferry terminal.

The bus/ferry change-over is at Colonia Del Sacramento, a Uruguayan tourist spot, but I was too tired and queasy to tourist, so I just waited at the terminal for an hour.

Also along on the trip was an orchestra; a glimpse of an envelope in someone’s hand revealed it had “Bach” in the name, so I suspect I would have enjoyed their music. Here are a few of them.

Orchestra members in the ferry terminal at Colonia Del Salvador

The building itself was architecturally interesting but rough-edged; I couldn’t decide whether it was unfinished or showing its age. It did however feature shiny surfaces, which made the orchestra more interesting.

Orchestra reflected in the floor of the ferry terminal at Colonia Del Salvador
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Orchestra reflected in a red wall at the ferry terminal at Colonia Del Salvador


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From: carlos (Nov 08 2010, at 09:09)

I was there almost exactly a year ago, there were extensive building works going on and we waited in a very shabby old waiting room. So I suspect that your picture shows the new waiting room and whatever problems it has aren't caused by age.


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