Read the streetsign if it’s not obvious where this is.

San Francisco Bay Bridge

That’s the Bay Bridge, the one William Gibson wrote those nice stories about life on, life after the Big One hits the Bay Area. Early morning; the photo omits the street people sleeping end-to-end on the sidewalks; also the Porsches parked alongside.


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From: Juha Autero (Oct 17 2010, at 03:29)

Now I want to go back to San Francisco. I wanted to check from a map the exact location of the picture and that brought back lot of memories.


From: Evan (Oct 17 2010, at 10:34)

It's pretty depressing to live here, sometimes.


From: Giacomo (Oct 17 2010, at 11:42)

I've been to SF a few times, loved the place and the people. I'm currently considering moving away from Europe, can anyone suggest why I should NOT end up in SF ?


From: Leif (Oct 17 2010, at 22:32)

Because Vancouver's a much nicer (IMHO) place to live ;-). I love SF and have visited many times, one of my favourite places to play tourist. Could not, however, consider living anywhere else than Vancouver.


From: Ian Stoba (Oct 18 2010, at 14:48)

I'm used to sometimes seeing familar glimpses of British Columbia in Tim's photos, but this was a shock. This picture was taken along The Embarcadero, right outside the building where I worked for about ten years. Thank you for reminding me of the beautiful view and the foggy fall mornings.


From: Sam Penrose (Oct 22 2010, at 08:57)

Many natives, including me, attribute the visibility of the destitute to the relative decency with which they are treated here. San Francisco is temperate, has a services budget in the $100M's, and has vocal advocates for the destitute at many levels of government. (Note that by "relative" I mean "relative to the rest of the USA" not "relative to other rich countries.")


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